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May 28, 2007 10:29 AM

British Theme Party Suggestions?

I am planning a graduation party where the food will be grouped by foods from some of my favorite places, (France, Russia and England). I have plenty of ideas for the French and Russian cuisine...but am lacking some for the British table. I am looking for some creative suggestions for "British" appetizers- besides cucumber sandwiches and fish and chips !

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  1. British Curries -

    And of course there's the plowman's lunch.

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    1. re: Chinon00

      it's a ploughmans!!! (just being picky about the spelling!)

    2. Savory pies are great for a party, you could make mini ones. Pasties are classic (meat pies, turnover style, kind of like an Empanada), puddings, pot pies, side of peas (always), selection of british cheeses (stilton, cheddar, shropshire, etc.), bangers, welsh rarebit, and if it's an adventurous crowd you could always try some jellied eels from the Thames.

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        I like the above suggestions! You could also do sweets like banoffee pie - a dessert made from biscuits, bananas, butter, cream and boiled condensed milk (or dulce de leche).

        Or little shepard pies/jacket potatoes/bangers...

        Cheers :)

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          If you want to turn bangers and mash into appetizers, cut the traditional cooked and browned sausages into bite size pieces, and spread on a tray concentrically around a dipping bowl full of mashed potatoes, allowing guests to dip their bangers into the mash.

          As another suggests, Mushy Peas!

          Potted shrimp

          Fannie Daddies

          Individual Mincemeat Pies or Yorkshire Puddings


          Shirred Eggs on English Muffins

          ....Ah how I long for my youth...

        2. re: sgwood415

          Caourse, welsh rarebit is WELSH. welshmen would rather die than have someone call them ENGLISH. bad blood, there!

        3. Delia Smith's website has a great selection of recipes with many traditional ones.

          I'd say potted shrimp or crab.

          1. Oh but that is a sticky wicket! Croquet is coming to mind first. I grew up playing the game, however I am not British, but I do envision folks in all white on the lawn with gorgous long tables with long white table cloths topped with food, jars of lemondae and ice tea.
            However my little cookbook with party ideas from the Daily Telegraph dated in the 50s has a menu with lamb kabobs, sandwhich whoorls with savoury butters-bengal,ham, shrimp. Sort of a version of a scotch egg, pate, Sausage dip, shrimp cocktail, and of course Pork Pie.
            Savoyared(gogonzola, ripe camembert & butter a drop of brandy) spread on party fingers or little plain biscuits (scones) Endive with french dressing and for a dessert, lighter than a feather sponge cake with a raspberry and blackberry sauce.
            Curries are good ideas and bangers and mash. You will have an absolute blast decorating the tables! Good party theme ideas, congratulations!

            1. Pimm's with sparkling lemonade.


              Jaffa cakes. Interesting discussion on whether they're cakes or biscuits:


              Treacle tarts: