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May 28, 2007 09:29 AM


I have been to neither one more of a standout than another? Whats this about not getting good treatment at Omi if your not a regular?

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  1. Depends on what you want to eat. If you want an outstanding sushi omakase, go to Omi and put yourself in chef's hands for the night. Very affordable and fantastic. If you want a mix of decent sushi and very good robata, Nami is your best bet.

    1. I've been treated well at Omi from the very first time I went there. John Lee is friendly and respectful towards all his patrons and staff. It's one of the biggest reasons hubby & I go there. A delight to see someone so nice to his staff.

      1. I agree that John Lee treats all his patrons fair. I would pick Omi over Nami for sushi but it is not a standout by a whole lot in terms of food IMO. In term of atmosphere, Nami is definitely better with more privacy. It is more of a standard/traditional Japanese decor setting restaurant , whereas Omi is a very small restaurant without any decor except a few posters on the wall.

        I would not say omakase at Omi very affordable, it is $70, but you are gonna have a full stomach by the time you finish !

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          Nami is brutal. I was there last month, and the place seemed to be chasing the conventions and blue rinse crowd. I sat at the sushi bar and ordered omakase, which kind of surprised them. So they just threw a bunch of mediocre sushi on a plate, and rather than pass it over and explain it to me, they gave it to a waitress, who brought it around and didn't know what was on it.
          They've got a robata bar, too. The fish were all cloudy-eyed and the veg almost looked like it came out of No Frill's bargain bin. Ugh.
          Oh, and it's oddly expensive.