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May 28, 2007 09:19 AM

Nice dinner near Place-des-Arts?

Hello folks,

I've done my best to search the boards, but without an intimate knowledge of Montreal geography, I find I'll have to resort to a new topic anyway...

Can anyone recommend a mid-range restaurant (mains at around $15-20) within a short walk of the Place-des-Arts? French de préférence, but not excluding other great places if you've got a favorite!

many many thanks...

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  1. Well, as the dearth of replies might suggest, and as I discovered to my horror, this neighborhood seems to be a bit of a wasteland as far as restaurants go. (Unless you're looking for fast food or chain restos, which we weren't). Anyway, after standing in a downtown bookstore for what felt like hours, flipping through various Montreal guide books, I finally got a suggestion for the Café du Nouveau Monde (right inside the théâtre), which was great. We were lucky to be there early, though, as it filled right up to the brim with theatre- and concertgoers by 6PM. I had a magnificent dish of tender grilled scallops atop a bed of risotto with fresh basil and mascarpone. And quite a nice grappa as a digestif!

    Just thought I'd report back for posterity, in case there are other tourists wondering what to do pre-theatre or concert...

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      There's also an expensive Italian place on Rene Levesque (I've never been, but someone here will be alble to supply the name) and Chinatown's a short walk away...

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        You're talking about Le Latini. There's also Nica or something like that next to it also quite expensive.

    2. I am reluctant to give away a great secret.... but I do share with my fellow Chowhounds. Inside the Musee d'Art COntemporaire is the resto La Rotunde. It is not that expensive and has an outdoor terrase which is actually on the Place des Arts plaza.