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May 28, 2007 08:59 AM

Restaurant R???22 maybe? Asian Restaurant in Downtown La?

The other day I heard of a great Asian restaurant in LA....I believe the name was something like R-22 but not sure? Anyone know? Also somewhere in LA I was told about a fantastic Asian Supermarket...where you can buy things like Durian and even Duck Tongues>? Any one know? Thanks

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  1. R23 is the restaurant.

    For the market, you might be thinking of Ranch 99, which is a chain of Asian markets.

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    1. re: Jwsel

      The market is the Hawaii Market at the corner of Del Mar and Valley Blvd in San Gabriel. They have things even far stranger and more interesting than those you mentioned. As to the restaurant,,, never heard of it.

      1. re: bagdoodle

        Frozen rattlesnakes... live turtles... lamb testicles...

        1. re: bagdoodle

          You'll know immediately when there's fresh durian at Hawaii Market (which, incidentally, is really more of a Vietnamese market).

        2. re: Jwsel

          R-23 is the Japanese restaurant and one of my favourtites. It is a little hard to find (at least for me the first time). I think it is off of San Pedro-the street looks like a series of loading docks. The ambience is very cool and the food is delicious. I like the crab salad and the fresh scallops. There are tables and a sushi bar.

        3. As others have noted, the restaurant is R23: . I personally don't like their sushi very much, but their cooked food and the setting are pretty nice.