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May 28, 2007 08:52 AM

Nantucket anniversary dinner

Will be celebrating our first anniversary dinner on Nantucket in mid-June. Originally were thinking of going all out and taking the shuttle boat over to Toppers at the Wauwinet, but now budget matters force us to consider something not *quite* that special (pricey). In the past we've really enjoyed Queequeg's and Straight Wharf (under the new chefs) but are thinking we should try something different this year. We'd like to stay in town so we can walk... any thoughts? How about the Pearl? too precious, or is it good? American Season's and Oran Mor's menus seem a little fussy...

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  1. Company of the Cauldron would be perfect. Cozy, charming, stellar food. But check the website to see if you like what they're serving that night.(You're probably too young for stuffy Wauwinet.)

    1. You could try Sfoglia. I've gone twice and had a wonderful meal each time. It's also a nice atmosphere. Happy anniversary!

      1. I have just come back from a week of dining bliss on Nantucket. It is always a challenge to find out who is good or bad that season, what chef moved where, who is just relying on name alone. Here is my advise for this season. Oran Mor, Water Street, Straight Wharf, LoLa 41. All these locations are a sure thing. The food at all was amazing and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. LoLa 41 was great because it was so unique to Nantucket. Thanks my 2 cents.

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          thanks for the recs. we will also be celebrating an anniversary and a birthday and we're hoping to spot a thread just like this! would you be willing to elaborate on your favs above and perhaps also give some feedback on the more casual and breakfast places?


        2. Although my favorite restaurant on ACK is Galley Beach, since you want to be in town, I'd say Lola41 is next on my list - same owner, although the atmosphere isn't as good as others. Boarding House is amazing, but less private if you want to be super romantic. 21 Federal is awesome too. I have been to American Seasons and you're absolutely right. They seem to try a bit too hard with their ingredients & combos, but it is a seriously romantic spot.

          Nantucket is my favorite place on earth - have a magical time.

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            I have to agree, Boarding House is a good pick, then Oran Mor. What an amazing island with diverse cuisine choices. Mind the crowds.

          2. Thanks for the replies, everyone! We're staying in Brant Point, so although Sfoglia is great, but we don't want to drive. Galley is walkable, but I've heard mixed reviews. Can anyone elaborate on it? Lola 41 looks fun, but honestly I worry when I see a menu so all over the place in terms of cuisine (an article I found online in the Nantucket paper talks about everything from sushi to pasta to burgers... lack of identity?). In the end, I'm sure we'll have a great time, it's hard to really go wrong there!

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              In case anyone's confused... wife was the OP, I reply as if we're one (but we are, aren't we?)

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                I actually got married at Galley and know the owners (same as Lola 41) and we fell in love with it far before we chose it for our wedding. Everyone at the wedding couldn't stop complimenting the food - not typical for a wedding. If they can pull that off... Anyway, we've always had wonderful experiences there.

                I would be very skeptical about Lola. I know I'm going back on what I wrote earlier, but it's in what my husband and I refer to as a "dead zone". Nothing on that site has lasted very long and the menu is far too scattered. The chef is different from the one at Galley.

                If you're concerned, go to Boarding House or Cauldron. You can't lose either way!

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                  oops...didn't read closely to see you didn't want to drive (Sfoglia)! We were at Oran Mor before the ownership change, so I can't speak to it now. Cauldron is nice.

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                    The entire idea of LoLa 41 is to have foods from all over the world, counties/regions that intersect longitude 41. The same longitude of Nantucket. The food really works and the place is very warm and inviting. Great sushi menu and chef, house made pasta, one of the best burgers I have ever had and a great bar. Too many restaurant do not think outside the box. The owners and chefs really pull it all together at LoLa.

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                      i'm heading back to nantucket this september (2 days after labor day, hoping it is easier to get into places, get around, etc) after a 2 year hiatus. Last time, I really loved The Pearl and was surprised not to see it mentioned in this thread; has it gone downhill? I also went to Cinco last time, which I liked, but it was more along the lines of a restaurant from home (San Fran) - not a bad thing, just not sure I'd go back again given the drive.

                      I am thinking I will try LoLa 41 based on this thread and some friend's recommendations, and definitely Strait Wharf. Any other thoughts? I canceled my rez at Oran Mor last time as it seemed more formal (and went to The Pearl instead) but I didn't know it was under new ownership.

                      Lunch is usually a turkey terrific at Provisions or a burger at the me out of this routine! Picnic provisions would be great.

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                        Get your lunch and picnic stuff at Something Natural on Cliff Road: homemade breads, great veggies and other fillings.
                        Dinners The Boarding House, 21 Federal, both have outdoor seating and terrific menus. Lola's got a more frenetic bar scene, if you'd like that. I haven't been to Strait Wharf, but hope to try it soon.
                        Breakfast and dinner- Black Eyed Susan's. Always a favorite. Check out other threads, but don't miss the huevos rancheros.