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May 28, 2007 07:37 AM

Is there decent buffet/AYCE in Toronto/GTA?

I have never been to a buffet that I thought was great - but I would be willing to have decent.

I am going to dinner this weekend with my family - and it is always difficult to find a restaurant that works for everyone. We are looking for something that works for meat eaters, vegetarians, and my grandmother who is obsessed with chinese buffet (her ideal is Mandarin - argh).

We have tried the one at Warden and Eglinton (dont recall the name - it was that unmemorable), we have also tried Town & Country - and as expected our grandmother was not happy (either were us vegetarians - the pasta dishes were as expected - mushy and bland).

I would like to try to appease everyone - and appreciate your advice!

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  1. How do you feel about Indian food?

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      1. I'm thinking along the same line as 'thought for food'. If you're okay with Indian food, the buffet at Chef of India, 33 Eglinton East, is wonderful. Ideal for meat eaters or vegetarians, spice lovers or not. It's received excellet reviews in the Toronto Star and CBC MetroMorning.

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          Website only mentions a lunch buffet, do you know if they offer it at dinner as well?

          1. re: downtown

            Indian is ok as long as it is NOT halal - Chef of India is halal.

            This is why we stay away from many Indian buffets at family gatherings. I do go to Brar - veg buffet - but my meat eating family is not fond of anything without meat.

            Any other ideas? Any decent Chinese buffet?

            1. re: avec9

              Just curious: why NOT halal? Something to do with the meat used?

              Siddhartha on Gerrard has a perfectly pleasant buffet; not sure if it's halal.

                1. re: thought_for_food

                  Beware: I got take out from them a month ago or so, and the meat was tough and unappealing, which surprised me because I've always loved them in the past. I thought it was just a fluke, but two nights ago I again got take out from them and the chicken was horribly overcooked, and the lamb was so riddled with fat as to be inedible. It seems they may be letting their quality slide.

                  1. re: vorpal

                    Sorry to hear that. I've only ever eaten the vegetarian selections, and they've been consistently good.

                    1. re: thought_for_food

                      I read a review in the Star that said the only time to go there is for the lunch buffet. The regular menu stuff is not nearly as good.


              1. re: downtown

                Buffet served only at lunch. Dinner is table service. I've only had take-out and it's always been good.

                1. re: JamieK

                  Seeing as Chef of India is NOT an option - any other ideas? Not Indian...

                  Thank you for your suggestions!

            2. Try Tuckers Marketpalce on the QEW but ONLY this location. It is quite alright in an "English" (i.e mangiacake) way , for about $20 for dinner, $11 lunch. I am Polish and went with an Iraqui Mexican there for lunch and both of thought that it was was quite OK. You can avoid the meat. they make pasta dishes to order.

              Alternately go to Great Mongolian at Kenendy and Steeles where you can make you own stirfry. I add peanuts from another station to mine. Th eChinese food buffet must be authentic, but I find it unpalatable.

              These places are better to go to for lunch. Your meal is a command performance, not dining entertainment . Lunch is cheaper.
              Check if these places are in the Entertainment book this year.

              1. The only good buffet I have ever been to (I agree, none of them are fantastic) is Sister's Restaurant on Kingston Road . I've been there a few times with family and have always found items that were enjoyable, even better than just decent! If you like desserts, they present quite a delicious selection, not your normal, run-of-the-mill offerings of places like T & C, or Tuckers. Dinner on the wknd is $19, wknd brunch $15.. On Sunday they serve a full turkey (along with the regular buffet meal) incl. stuffing and such.

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                1. re: torontogal

                  Its been agood number of years since I've been to Sisters, but some things are eternal. The food was plainly prepared, overcooked and the not bad ingredients were ruined. Great if you are from the Maritimes.

                  1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                    Ok - I have asked a few coworkers and Tuckers and Sisters seem to be a lot like Town & Country in terms of genre of offering (not enthnic enough). They are a bit bland for our taste.

                    I don't know anyone who has tried Great Mongolian - is it good for vegetarians too? What does the buffet have? Stations?

                    1. re: avec9

                      Let me be gentle. At the Great Mongolian its thye stirfry or nothing. I suppose you can make a vegetarian stirfry, but it will be expensive foe what you get.

                      On reflection, try Thai restaurant. I suggest Thai Plate at 3434 Bathurst. Tell them what you want; thay will look after your. They are practising Budhists and observe a 10 day period in which they do not eat meat.
                      How many of you will there be?

                      1. re: avec9

                        I'm taking my boyfriend (who's a picky meat eater, somewhat like a vegetarian) to Great Mongolian tonight. I'll tell you how he likes it.

                        1. re: jennjen18

                          So he likes it! He prefers it more to the Mandarin .. and he felt that there was enough options for him. It was funny how he picked out all his greens, and then put the sauce on, and then thought it was supposed to be a salad until he got to the big grill. But he experimented with different greens, different noodles, different sauces ... so its a good go for vegetarians at the Mongolian grill.