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May 28, 2007 07:31 AM

i need a quick n easy desert

i need a desert i can make within the next 5 hours... i need to have all the ingrediance at home already cuz i dont have a car... we are having a family bbq... i need SOMETHING!!! thanx

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  1. You need to let us know what dessert ingredients you already have at home, to be able to help....

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    1. re: jinet12

      well, i cant think of EVERYTHING... but i have flour, sugar, rown sugar, pudding mix, 1 store bought pie crust, nectarines, milk, juice, cereals, chocolate powder mix, coffee, eggs, baking soda and powder, i have other regular items to...

      1. re: valentinelovers

        Looks like you have the makings for a pie at least. You don't say what kind of pudding mix you have, but most will do fine for a quick filling. Maybe the nectarines peeled and sliced would serve as a garnish on top? The pudding mix should have a recipe on the box, or maybe inside.

        1. re: pfarrell

          thanx... i have vinilla and chocolate pudding... the boxes dnt have any recipes on it... they just say to make it and put it in... i though it would be a lillte to plain...

        2. re: valentinelovers

          Nectarine clafouti is super easy and for some reason people think it is super hard to make. To make it extra special Deborah Madison suggests topping it with a crip topping (e.g. flour, butter, sugar, spices), and I have put cocoa nibs in too. Super easy. just blend the ingredients - milk, eggs, flour, vanilla, sugar, salt - in your processor, blender, or whisk by hand, pour over halved nectarines and bake!

          Of course you oculd do a nectarine crumble too with the ingredients you have.

          To make it special, you can add herbs (even dried thyme or rosemary) in moderation to any of the desserts we have listed. I am a huge fan of that.

          Chocolate brownies with caramel sauce.

          1. re: jsaimd

            this sounds awesome... i think i may try this... thanx

      2. Cut those nectarines in half and throw them on the grill - you can even put some bbq sauce on them or leave 'em plain and serve with vanilla ice cream - done.