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May 28, 2007 07:27 AM

Waterfront lobster for that summer feel

Hi. My friends and I are in Somerville, looking for somewhere relatively close (no North Shore) for the typical lobster dinner, fish n chips, baked scrod, etc etc. We'd like it to be on the water, not insanely expensive, and tasty, although we're willing to sacrifice that slightly for ambiance. Tia's is a possibility, with a 1-lb lobster w/ fries & corn at 18.95. (1 1/2 lb. lobster is 29.95.) Any other ideas?


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  1. Yankee Lobster Fish Market- It's on the Seaport (so for all intents and purposes near water), and I've heard great reviews on their lobsters. I'd steer away from the food at Tia's.

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    1. re: bex77

      Hit them Sat AM for a cup of chowder..during a Sea to You run. While it's in the Seaport has a view of nothing but Northern Ave..the nothing view outdoor area wasn't set up.

      Good chowder though..:) Their lobster bisque is also good.

    2. I'd pick the Sail Loft on Atlantic Ave over Tia's.

      In fact I did and had a nice lunch there yesterday. They've got all your food requests. I had a cup of clam chowder..a little thick for my taste; but dropping an ice cube in cured that and a good plate of very fresh, well fried, med bellied clams.

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      1. re: 9lives

        Does the Sail Loft have lobsters?

        Thanks for the recs. We'll save Yankee Market for when we don't need a little hair of the dog.

        1. re: chucktownlady

          They have 1 1/4 for 21.95 and 2 for 31.95. Not bad..Hook's was $10-11lb today.

          Sail Loft has a full bar..and the UFO's went down well. Yankee does sell beer and wine