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May 28, 2007 06:26 AM

FYI - Conundrum is closed?

Never went to this place in Harvard Square - saw a "for lease" sign walking by the other day. Bad location to be sure...and I don't recall any great praise. Not really a conundrum if you ask me.

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  1. Been closed for months. I haven't heard any word on what's going to replace it.

    1. The place that preceded it, Iruna, was there for a really long time, perhaps as long as 20 years, as I remember the restaurant as far back as the mid-1980's. But then again, they were really cheap, good, and filled an unusual cuisine niche (Spanish non-tapas) for the area -- which might have contributed to their staying in business in an off-alley location.

      No idea if Conundrum was good or not -- never got there.

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        Longer, even - Iruna was there pretty much as long as I can recall, at least to the late 60s. I was shocked when they closed and Conundrum opened, actually!

      2. I did try Conundrum - twice, actually - and if I had to guess the reason it failed, it was because it just wasn't very unique. The food was good, the atmosphere was okay, but it wasn't anything special.

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