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Lobstah Roll Call/Cape Cod

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Can folks report in on their 2007 Cape Cod Lobster Roll experiences? My Gramma is coming down and needs your feedback. We had one at Moby Dicks for 17.99. It was full but not overflowing. No filler aside from a dab of mayo. It was chucky. Osterville Two had more filler and not as good. Any reports?

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  1. Had the Friendly Fisherman's a couple of weeks ago (Rt. 6, N. Eastham). Outstanding as usual. Large overflowing serving of big chunks w/light mayo and no fillers. $15.95 with a generous serving of fries. This place is still, hands down, my favorite for fresh, impeccably prepared seafood!

    1. Mac's seafood near the pier in Wellfleet is very good. I second Friendly fisherman.

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        Their sushi always looks good too! I like to buy fish there and cook it on the campfire :)

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          Ditto on both, but especially Mac's. The growing Mac's empire, with the sit-down Shack, is just outstanding.

        2. Love Friendly Fisherman, or Sir Cricket in Orleans.

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            Jillian, I had a lobstah roll at Sir Cricket today. 10.99 but a lot of mayo. I am with you on Friendly Fisherman, more meat, less mayo but alas, more money.

          2. I don't know how far you are able/willing to travel but In Mattapoisett, Mass, on route 6, try the Lobster Roll (also excellent ice cream) at the Oxford Creamery. Their Lobster Roll was rated one of the TOP in New England in Money Magazine.

            1. Just had my first of the season at PJ's on route 6 in Wellfleet. It was wonderful as always -- they just add mayo and serve on perfectly grilled hotdog bun. I think it was $15. Order some onion rings well done and you will be in heaven.

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                Friendly Fisherman all the way

              2. go to MV and get one at the menemsha harbor fish market. You'll never want one from anywhere else ever again.

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                  Mom took us to Lobster Pot In Buzzards Bay. It was on Phantom Gourmet. 12.99 with HUGE chunks. They also had a great clam chowder, thin, chunks of clams (slightly sandy) and nice broth.

                2. I'd recommend "the raw bar" near mashpee. Go to therawbar.com for directions. Just had my first one of the season 2 weeks ago and they are still huge and yummy with little mayo. 23.50 and it is overflowing. We actually bought 2 rolls for 3 people and then ordered 2 extra hot dog rolls to divvy up the meat. It was plenty and delicious!

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                    Ditto the Raw Bar in Mashpee. The lobster roll is humongous! And the small patio out back usually has a good vibe. Family friendly too.

                  2. How about in the Dennis area???

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                      I have not found a decent sized/priced lobster roll in Dennis.

                    2. price range? I'd like to try it out...

                      1. The lobstah roll debate will never end...I found a recommendation on WeJustGotBack.com, a fantastic family travel site. They have lots of info about the Cape and good places to eat. They said Cooke's in Orleans was the best for LRs. I tried one last time I was there, in July, and LOVED it. It had just a dab of mayo to hold it together, plus shredded lettuce on a toasted and buttered bun. Huge chunks. I think it was about $14. The place is ugly so just close your eyes and EAT!

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                          Cooke's Orlean's is ok, but many prefer Cooke's Hyannis and Mashpee (different ownership). The lobster's fresh at any location, but not terribly generous. I had the lobby roll at Kreme and Kone in DPort last weekend and it too was good...light on the mayo, standard grilled New England style hotdog roll, but also a not too generous portion of chunky meat for $14. The nice part for me is it was mostly knuckles and claw. To me, the knuckle meat is the sweetest and most tender on the lobster, and the hardest to get to when picking your own, so that was a real plus. Add a small onion ring (excellent) and soda and you're over $20 for lunch at a touristy clam shack. Jeez, things sure have changed since Patti Page.

                        2. Con permiso -- the proper pronunciation is "lawbstuh."

                          1. We always love the lobster rolls at Marathon, not sure if it's in Dennis or South Yarmouth. They are open year-round, lots of lobster meat, little mayo, just delicious. I'll try some of the others, though.

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                              Marathon's on Rte 28 in West Dennis. never tried their lobster rolls but I think their fried clam batter is the BEST on the Cape. Its got a little extra something that adds a nice crunch to the clams. Also, the plates come standard with a huge portion of standard, yet crispy frozen fries and yummy thin sliced onion rings.