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May 28, 2007 05:58 AM

"Waitress" the Movie--All Those Pies

I just saw the movie "Waitress" last night. It was a nice and light film w/a lot of heart. I would definitely recommend it. For those that don't know the premise of the film, it's about a waitress in a small southern town that makes all kinds of pies to get through her awful day to day (worthless, abusive husband, just found out she's pregnant by him, feels dead inside, etc). It made me crave pie big time! The film had all kinds of cute pies named:

1) Spanish Dancer pie--w/a potato crust
2) I Hate my Husband Earl pie-with bittersweet chocolate and banana

The movie used several more throughout the script.

What pie would you be? After the film I came up w/Thank God I'm Single and Not Knocked Up Pie that is made w/white chocolate mousse, strawberries, and a grand marnier dark chocolate sauce on drizzled washed down w/Spanish Cava.

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  1. sounds yummy! i've heard good things about the movie and want to check it out.

    I think I'd be I Can't Believe I Have So Much Work To Do pie, which would be a chocolate cookie crust filled with coffee mousse, topped with whipped cream and dotted with chocolate covered espresso beans.

    Either that, or Loony Girl pie, which would have to be some variation on coconut cream.

    1. My pie would be I Can't Believe It's Butter Pecan Pie - made with real butter, whole pecans but in a chocolate caramel base and a butterscotch pudding. Thanks for suggesting the movie - I want to see it now!

      1. Good work, you two! The movie was absolutely adoreable and had me craving all kinds of pies afterwards.

        1. Saw the movie and also left craving pie. I read on some blog something like "If you love pie, this movie will be like porn for you. It's pie porn."

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          1. re: masala maci

            My pie would be named "I am so bored with my life I could die" pie and it would be made of mayo filling with a tortilla crust. I must make some changes. :)

            1. re: melly

              You definitely should, you poor thing! :(

          2. i guess i would have to be an ice cream pie, because for the forseeable future i will not have a working oven at home or at work :(