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"Waitress" the Movie--All Those Pies

I just saw the movie "Waitress" last night. It was a nice and light film w/a lot of heart. I would definitely recommend it. For those that don't know the premise of the film, it's about a waitress in a small southern town that makes all kinds of pies to get through her awful day to day (worthless, abusive husband, just found out she's pregnant by him, feels dead inside, etc). It made me crave pie big time! The film had all kinds of cute pies named:

1) Spanish Dancer pie--w/a potato crust
2) I Hate my Husband Earl pie-with bittersweet chocolate and banana

The movie used several more throughout the script.

What pie would you be? After the film I came up w/Thank God I'm Single and Not Knocked Up Pie that is made w/white chocolate mousse, strawberries, and a grand marnier dark chocolate sauce on drizzled washed down w/Spanish Cava.

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  1. sounds yummy! i've heard good things about the movie and want to check it out.

    I think I'd be I Can't Believe I Have So Much Work To Do pie, which would be a chocolate cookie crust filled with coffee mousse, topped with whipped cream and dotted with chocolate covered espresso beans.

    Either that, or Loony Girl pie, which would have to be some variation on coconut cream.

    1. My pie would be I Can't Believe It's Butter Pecan Pie - made with real butter, whole pecans but in a chocolate caramel base and a butterscotch pudding. Thanks for suggesting the movie - I want to see it now!

      1. Good work, you two! The movie was absolutely adoreable and had me craving all kinds of pies afterwards.

        1. Saw the movie and also left craving pie. I read on some blog something like "If you love pie, this movie will be like porn for you. It's pie porn."

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            My pie would be named "I am so bored with my life I could die" pie and it would be made of mayo filling with a tortilla crust. I must make some changes. :)

            1. re: melly

              You definitely should, you poor thing! :(

          2. i guess i would have to be an ice cream pie, because for the forseeable future i will not have a working oven at home or at work :(

            1. Love your post. My pie would be the "My Husband's Been Out of Work for 5 Yrs Now" pie, and it'd be a flaky, tender pie crust that is empty except for a bit of softly whipped cream...sob.

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                I feel for you, but your response was hilarious. :)

              2. I just saw the movie as well and it definitley got me in the mood to make and eat a pie! I think mine will be Sacramento Sweltering Summer pie-a tomato, basil and fontina tart.

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                  Oh lord, I am sooo not looking forward to this summer here in Sacto........I plan to be hovering in my freezer chomping on a mudd ice cream pie................

                2. Saw the movie and left CRAVING Pie!!!! My Pie would be: "Where To Go From Here Pie" it would have: strawberries w/mint and lime, whipped topping with blueberries and crumbled graham cracker.

                  1. I really wish she's finished the recipe for that fruitcake pie...

                    For a sweet pie, I'd make "What am I going to do with my life?" pie: graham cracker and gingersnap crust with strained yogurt filling, fig preserves and a walnut crumble top.

                    For a savoury pie, I'd make "Back to square one" pie: a whole-wheat and sesame seed crust filled with a soufflé of grated carrots and zucchini seasoned with tahini and cumin.

                    1. Love your post and watched the movie just now.
                      Such a cute and pleasant movie that really got me in the mood to make a pie for myself which would probably be named "Why I can't afford those pricey kitchen utensils to make my perfect pie"

                      1. Wow!!!!

                        It just goes to show you how sensual cooking and/or good food can be!

                        All I kept thinking through the whole movie was that "Waitress" should be on every chowhounds must see list!!!

                        1. My husband is running around on me pie -- key lime w/ whipped cream to throw at him (Nora Ephron did this first in Heartburn)

                          1. Don't want to upset the Big Dogs, and this isn't a recipe folder.


                            Google using the terms "waitress" "pie" and "recipes" and several pop up, from various sources.

                            1. Just saw "Waitress" yesterday. It's a really great "heart" film. Anyone reading this = beg, barrow, steal, but GO TO THIS GREAT MOVIE. Loved all those pies, the characters and how the story turns out. Went home and had a huge piece of exquisite cherry pie and hope many others enjoy this wonderful film all the way to the Oscars. Hmmmm a Waitress Oscar Pie - some awesome combination in a gold pie pan. Enjoy!

                              1. I saw the movie and really enjoyed it.

                                A couple days after I saw the movie, the drain for my buildings air conditioning sort of rotted away and dumped all the runoff onto my front room carpet. During my third wash/dry cycle of all the towels I own, "A/C Blows But Not in a Good Way Pie" popped into my head. At least I got a little laugh out of the mini-disaster.

                                1. I'll also add that this is one of the few movies that, upon exiting the theater, I looked to see who directed this film. Among other things, Adrienne Shelley really caught the essence of our connection with certain foods. (She is also the woman who played "Dawn").

                                  I was so sad to learn this week that this was her first and last film. She was killed in her NYC apt. in Nov. 2006. I think she had insight and a gift for telling a story.

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                                    Loved the movie, but it was disturbing, knowing what had happened to Adrienne Shelley...What a waste...Imagine how many other great scripts she could have produced...

                                  2. "It's-my-birthday-so-calories-don't-count Pie" - actually two pies:

                                    Savory: herbed crust filled with a quiche of asparagus, gruyere and smoky ham
                                    Sweet: deep dish apple pie in a cheddar cheese crust served with a melted chunk of cheddar on top!

                                    Saw the movie last night and absolutely LOVED it. It's really a shame that Adrienne Shelley will never be able to bring us another like it.

                                    1. Cannot wait to see this movie! I love Keri Russell and all of these positive reviews have me excited to see it!
                                      Today my pie would be. "I Can't Believe I Am the PA to a Perv Instead of Independently Wealthy Pie". Can you make a pie with sour grapes? =)

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                                        1. re: piccola

                                          Chowhound never ceases to amaze me, haha.

                                      1. mine would be- grandfather is a greedy dishonest person but everyone kisses up to stay in the will pie made with coconut custard and a coconut crust with lemon zest or
                                        I need a little fun in my life pie made with chocolate pudding that is spiced with cinnamon and just a hint of chili pepper with cinnamon whipped cream on top

                                        1. My-boss-is-an-idiot Pie: Peanut/graham cracker crust, peanut butter mousse filling, and covered with raspberries!!!

                                          1. Take Me from Kansas Back to Europe Pie - savory butter crust, thinly sliced onions, creamy savory filling (nutmeg, maybe), bacon. Topped with Gruyere! (serve with crisp, chilly white wine).

                                            1. I think mine would have to be the "I'm In Desperate Need of a Vacation Before I Kill Someone" pie - I'm thinking banana cream with a graham cracker crust and tropical fruit garnish. You could even bake a file inside it if you had to smuggle one in to me in the pokey. :-)

                                              1. I love that movie!! Now that it's out on dvd, I want to buy it! The pies made me salivate the whole movie. Haha..

                                                I liked the "Falling in Love" Chocolate Mousse Pie best :)

                                                1. I just rented this DVD last night. Wow, was this a great movie, or what? The "bad husband" bit was really disturbing, so I had to keep telling myself "it's just a movie". I am a happy pie maker, so I can see how Shelley made this movie feel right.
                                                  My favorite pie would be "I Wish It Was Summertime And Bursting With Raspberries Bubblin' Pie" with a cinnamon crust. Thanks for the post!

                                                  1. I think many food movies have focused on food as sensual experience, a return to a more elemental way of living in which men are bound to the land and to each other by food and drink.

                                                    Waitress, and that other great food movie of the recent past, Ratatouille, use food in quite a different way-- as a means of creative expression-- of putting something glorious in the world. Food is not simply a conduit to more primal/carnal urges (how often is eating framed as a type of foreplay in movies), but instead, allows us to transcend our everyday lives through excellence.

                                                    I thought Waitress was a lovely movie-- sorrowful and beautiful and sweet and gratifying in way that is entirely earned.

                                                    My pie: Let's Take it Easy... nilla wafer and crushed candied almond crust filled with a port-laced, fig-studded, pomegranate-bejeweled clafouti interior

                                                    1. Please Hire Me Pie. Dark chocolate-amaretto with a toasted almond crust, to be brought to job interviews.

                                                      1. Thanks to all who keep adding to this post! It's good to hear that others enjoyed the movie as well and were entertained by the different pies and pie names.

                                                        1. I loved the movie and the message at the end
                                                          My pie "Knocked-up Mom to a 2 year old, Pie" shortbread crust, layer of Nutella, layer of vanilla bean custard, sliced bananas and roasted hazelnuts
                                                          Hmmm I think I need to make a dessert for dinner.

                                                          1. Uh oh, hate to be the voice of dissent here. .. .but all it inspired me to do was make a "How to not beat a metaphor to death" pie . . . Oh man, I thought it really stretched it too far to be realistic, and without enough irony or intelligence to be anything else! It was a pie-in-the-face for me!

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                                                            1. re: gridder

                                                              Cute. too cute. Thank you, Gridder!

                                                              1. re: Alice Letseat

                                                                I agree. About as trite as a movie can get. Some of the pies looked enticing though, but not as good as Aloo0628's "Why am I in Law School?" pie below. I'd like a slice of that right now.

                                                                1. re: Claire

                                                                  Aww, why thank you Claire! I could use a slice of it m'self....

                                                            2. What a fun post! I haven't seen the movie yet, but plan to do so in the very near future :-)

                                                              Mine would be "Why am I in Law School?" Pie.

                                                              A graham crust with a hint of cinnamon, a layer of buttery caramel, a layer of thick, creamy, chocolate filling, a layer of espresso filling, topped with billowy mounds of vanilla bean whipped cream, dusted w/ cocoa powder, topped with a border of chocolate covered espresso beans.

                                                              1. I think my other problem with the movie was that some of the pies sounded just awful.

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                                                                  I wasn't expecting the savory pies to be as prevalent as they were, but then again, why not? That's basically just quiche.

                                                                2. What a lovely movie. So funny and sweet and a little different. I love seeing all those creative pies she came up with. Its all the more touching when you hear about the writer/director Adrienne Shelley's untimely death! And the little girl at the end that plays Lulu is her real daughter! So sad....

                                                                  I got the Border's edition of the DVD and it included several recipe cards for the pies in the movie (including Mermaid Pie!). If I were a pie, I would be "Trying To Keep My Head Above Water and Still Have a Life Pie" and it would have a graham cracker crumb crust, coconut milk custard, chopped fresh mango, topped with rum and set en flambé.

                                                                  1. Oooh! I loved this movie right up until the very end. I went on a huge rant to my fiancee about how mad I was at the semi-unpredictable ending, until he had to shush me. hahah. I wanted so badly for her to run off with Dr. Pomatter! GRRR!!! I even blogged about my frustration there.

                                                                    I'm a full-time baker anyhow, but I get SO sick of making pies everyday, same ones all the time. This movie was so inspiring! Tonight I'm working on a pie made with figs, ganache and almonds. Think I'll call it, "I Hate My Fiancee's Work Schedule Pie." Heh heh. Line cooks, I'm tellin' ya!

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                                                                    1. re: wildwoodflour

                                                                      how did tonight's new pie turn out? i'm guessing it was a winner. i *adore* chocolate with figs, and the almonds play so well with those flavors. i make a dark chocolate fig tart with an almond crust and it's absolutely delicious.

                                                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                        Actually, I went ahead and changed it up last minute, sans chocolate. I ended up making an almond custard. Then I stewed the figs and thickened the sauce, layered it onto the custard (and swirled some of the fig mixture it in a la marble cake, ahha). THEN, toasted chopped almonds around the edges on top. I think custard was the way to go - and the fig seeds look SO pretty swirled into it.

                                                                        New name: "Thanks For Coming Home Early and Making the Dish Boy Finish Closing the Restaurant Pie." hahah