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May 28, 2007 05:50 AM

7 ladies from the berkshires spending 1 night in little italy seeking fun & tasty & lively dinner!

hi all

this summer 7 of us moms ( all early 30s ) are coming to nyc for a show and then hurray we even get to spend the night too! we are staying in little italy on centre market pl and we want to goto a great dinner in the area. we are up for italian, seafood, american, or steaks...anywhere that has great food and is fun & lively. we can spend up to $100 pp.
last year we went to balthazar and LOVED it, if that gives you any idea.

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  1. Don't go to any of the Italian places in Little Italy- none are very good. Maybe Lure Fish Bar in Soho or a little further in the west village I would suggest Blue Ribbon Bakery or Aquagrill.

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      1. Il Cortile has GREAT pasta. Then cross the street for some Connoli at Caffe Palermo.

        1. TriBeca is also not far from Little Italy. The Harrison is a possibility (do a search on this site for more details and also look at Agree w/roze most of the Italian restaurants in Little Italy are not good. If you want the ambience of Little Italy have a cappucino after dinner (but eat elsewhere).

          1. There may be 1 or 2 restaurants in Little Italy that are actually good, but they don't attract the stylish NY crowd that it sounds like you're interested in. I suggest Peasant, an Italian restaurant at 194 Elizabeth in Nolita (the acronym for North of Little Italy), as well as Landmarc, a bistro on 179 Weat Broadway. And since you'll be so near Chinatown, try to have one of your meals in that neighborhood as well. Have fun!

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              I don't think it's only the stylish New York crowd that does not find Little Italy restaurants appealing - I would say it's mostly New Yorkers who are able to discriminate good Italian food from the not-so good ones.

              I agree that Peasant is a the better one to go to than any in Little Italy.