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Food serving 'styles' particular to nation/region

veganish May 28, 2007 05:04 AM

Bit of a spin off of the American regional foods thread. I lived in the UK and while the world is so small a gazillion products from all over the world are available in my US Wegman's, there are ways of serving food that are very endemic to a specific region.

In the UK (although I'm interested to hear input from all over the world/country):

1.The 99 Cadbury's Flake cone, with the oddly dog poo like chocolate stick wedged into the vanilla whip.

2. Serving dixie-cup size ice cream cups during theater intervals.

3. That odd, smoky tasting 'white' coffee--is it the cream that makes it taste so good? What is in it? I've never had it anywhere else, other than random, old fashioned British holes in the wall.

4. Sugar mice-shaped candies.

5. Serving Flora with jacket potato and chedder--and the million jacket potato stands available everywhere in the UK. Mnnn...buttery, high fat goodness--best jackets in Covent Garden IMHO.

6. Of course, HP brown sauce, salt and vinegar with chips...

7. Marrow fat mushy peas.

8. Ploughman's lunch with that odd pickle on the side.

9. At some pubs, curry on chips.

10. Chicken tiki marsala (UK-ized Indian)

11. the temp of the beer

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    nc213 May 28, 2007 11:42 AM

    I only lived in England for a few months, but every time I have soft ice cream I wish there was a Flake stuck in it!!

    In Philadelphia and its environs:

    ketchup is a common condiment for cheesesteaks. Whenever out of towners would visit they'd be upset by my husband's ordering ketchup on his cheesesteak.

    also in the cheesesteak vein, most places now have chicken cheesesteaks with finely sliced chicken substituting for the beef and if you order your cheesesteak "hoagie" style (a cheesesteak hoagie or a chicken cheesesteak hoagie" you'll get shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and often mayo on the sandwich.

    most parties feature cubed cheese and pepperoni slices. ( I haven't seen this commonly elsewhere)

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    1. re: nc213
      QueenB May 29, 2007 07:57 AM

      Or cubed cheese and ring baloney. One of my favorites.

    2. hrhboo May 28, 2007 11:58 AM

      Here's a similar thread:


      I agree about the jacket potato window in Covent Garden. My absolut fave is the chili con carne jacket.

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      1. re: hrhboo
        veganish May 28, 2007 03:18 PM

        Oh yes, I know about the other thread--but I meant more different styles of serving food, since that is something that can't be replicated--you can buy lots of regional stuff over the Internet, but the unique combo of Flora Cheddar and chargrilled jackets as street food you can't.

        Other quirks I've heard of or experienced:

        1. Portion size of pasta in Italy--much smaller.

        2. My father tells me an early dinner in Greece is like 7pm.

        3. Blue laws in some cities with bars

        4. 'tea' as dinner in England, and the whole supper/dinner term debate everywhere in general--when dinner officially begins.

        5. Someone once said that in some traditional delis they still serve schmaltz (chicken fat)

        1. re: veganish
          starlady May 28, 2007 07:44 PM

          I had schmaltz in Germany, OMG I loved that stuff. More common that butter to go with your bread.
          What is a "Blue Law"?
          I'm half Brit, and my friends all tease me when i ask them "what shall we do for tea?" LOL

          1. re: starlady
            LabRat May 29, 2007 07:53 AM

            A "Blue law" is a law that regulates businesses on Sundays. Generally restrictions on alcohol sales before a certian time (or at all).

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