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May 27, 2007 11:46 PM

Seafood Town - Torrance

Had an appointment in Torrance on friday, so I lunched at Seafood Town, based on the recs from posters on this board. The food was inexpensive, but not very good.
Most of their seafood is frozen.
This strikes me as strange, since they call themselves Seafood Town.
HOWEVER, they have an amazingly delicious tapioca soup. It is served as dessert. It is hot, sweet and delicious. I will return for their big bowl of dessert soup. Pass on the food.

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  1. I have driven past the place maybe 2000 times and it always looks a little shady, and my Asian friends never go, so maybe that's why.

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      Been there once and was turned off by the dirty carpet and service. They tried to fit all 15 of us at one table for 12 at most. When we complained about not being able to fit all at one table, the server replied we should be able to fit due to several children at in our party. I told her yes, we have children but the CHAIRS don't fit. How stupid to argue when it was physically impossible to fit 15 chairs unless we all sat a foot away from the table! Finally, they split us up into two tables. There were plenty of empty tables near by and no parties waiting. I just don't have any patience with people who don't use their common sense. And the food was not great, even though it was inexpensive. My favorite (and my family) is Harbor Palace, 1949 Pacific Coast Hwy, Lomita, CA 90717
      (310) 539-8220. Have been going there for years. Service can be spotty, especially during peak times like weekend lunch time. Great lunch specials, great food with some exceptions (like hot & sour soup) but mostly very good.