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May 27, 2007 10:43 PM

Anyone been to AXE recently (Venice)?

Curious about Axe on Abbott Kinney.

How is the food there? Any recommended dishes?

Do they have a nice outdoor patio area?

Many thanks!

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  1. i went a couple of months ago. axe used be one of my favorites. my last meal was mediocre @ best: it was really disappointing. i'm hoping it was a just a very off night for them.

    1. Went for brunch on a Sunday recently. Food was good (simple) and the service was v good. The homemade ice cream, especially the lemon ice cream, was out of this world.

      1. I've been twice for dinner in the last two months. I recommend the shrimp scallion pancake highly and didn't like the sake marinated beef. Both nights the specials were great. Be sure to make a reservation before you go. I didn't see a patio, but they may have one.

        1. We like Axe! We've been there a few times over the last two years. Last time was probably 4 weeks back.
          We tend to gravitate towards the many excellent veggie small plates or sides. Last time we tried the young broccoli and garlic saute and it was so good that two weeks in a row I picked up baby broccoli during my weekly farmer's market run and made the exact same dish. Brussels sprouts weren't bad either. The polenta with morels dish was a bit tiny for the price. On a previous trip we've had their grilled flat bread + dips and relishes. It is good. The best dish however, was dessert - it was a chocolate bread pudding sitting in a pool of cream. Oh my! It was rich, dense, and as chocolatey as a pudding can get.
          I also liked their wines by the glass menu. But the mint and ginger teas or agua frescas are a bit of a rip off IMHO.
          P.S.: They do not have a patio.

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            Thanks for all of your replies! Hmmmm. It sounds their menu does not quite match my palate since I tend to gravitate towards things like foie gras!


          2. No patio - just a big outdoor table/benches out back with no landscaping that isn't conducive to fine dining... I don't think it's used for the customers...