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May 27, 2007 10:41 PM

RANDAZZO'S dazzles

we went to RANDAZZOS in sheepshead for lunch before we went to the beach yesterday.

for appetizers i ordered up a half dozen cherrystone clams, half dozen oysters and some coors lights for us. very tasty and fresh. i'm purist and only like a squirt of lemon on my bivalves if anything, but to be honest clams benefit from a dab of horseradish too.

it's soft shell crab season so i had the softshell sandwich. oooh wooah. still reigns supreme as my fav rendition of softshell crab. my spouse had the scungili w/ medium sauce. always a lovely dish, tender scungeel and the red sauce at is about the best possible that could ever be made.

if you go to coney island RANDAZZOS is just a little bit of a walk away, but imo well worth the detour and a true right of summer for us.

the link:

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  1. What are the prices like? Their menu has none.

    1. Well, a rite of summer it may be, but I went today and found the food to be just OK- Excellent cherrystones on the halfshell ($14/dozen) were much better than the more expensive oysters on the half. The Zuppa di Clams was the picture of this dish but the fried seafood had a real rancid taste- like the oil been in need of a changing. At 3PM! I might go back for clams (it is a clam bar after all, but i'll pass on everything else.

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      1. re: rootytootyfreshnfrooty

        two out of three orders that are excellent = the food is just ok??? imo anyplace that has even one dish that is as excellent as you say is worth going back to for it.

        try the softshells while you can or something with that med/hot marinera over it next time.

        1. re: mrnyc

          I think the place is dirty- and not in a good way. Like the oysters and clams both are shucked sloppily with more dirt and bits of shell in the items than there should be. The sauce comes with a piece hard fried bread, which I don't understand. As far as the Zuppa di Clams, I didn't say it was excellent- I meant more status quo- I had fried calamari and fried clams- and the hot sauce that came with it was also a bit disgusting. The cherrystones to be excellent, but, honestly, I've had way better. I think Cherrystones this time of year in this part of the world are excellent. It's too bad there's nt more seafood competition down in that neighborhood anymore. Jordan's is kind of a joke.

      2. RANDAZZO'S has some terrific dishes.

        We love the Soft Shell Crab, the Fried Scallops, Fried Shrimp, indeed anything fried, served with the most amazing sauce we ever tasted.

        The Lobster Fra Diavolo is outstanding, and easily serves 2. Same for the Shrimp Fra Diavolo.

        Order carefully, and you can have a terrific meal. The prices are very reasonable.

        1. I think you need to get your bearings straight. Depending on what part of Coney Island you’re in this could be a 30 - 40 minute walk or more to Randazzo's. You’re better off taking the Brighton line (B or Q) to Sheepshead Bay and hoof it from the station and that’s a bit of a walk, but more doable then walking it all the way from Coney Island. Is it worth it? IMO no – stick to Nathan’s, Totino’s and boardwalk buds and take in a Cyclones game/freak show while you’re at it.

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          1. re: MShapiro

            i think its an easy walk and does not take quite that long from the beach. depends how lazy or energetic you are. in that case just take that train to the sheepshead stop and go to RANDAZZO'S before coney instead of after. well worth it, the fried seafood around coney does not even come close.

          2. The food is pretty bad. Their seafood is way over cooked to the point of being tasteless rubber and their marinara is nothing more then modified pizza sauce from a can. The cherrystones are okay. They can have shell fragments and some dirt but at least they are cold and are not given a rinse job after they're opened.

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            1. re: bigmackdaddy

              The food is actually quite good if you keep it simple. get some fried seafood, or a soft shell crab sandwhich and make sure to request some medium red sauce. Its very good and calling it "modified pizza sauce" is far fetched.

              1. re: josh L

                I don't see how ordering steamers or lobster or any thing else on their menu isn't keeping it simple. I stand by my sauce analysis.

                1. re: bigmackdaddy

                  you didn't write anything about steamers or lobsters in your post. as far as the sauce description, "modified pizza sauce from a can"- I'm not sure what you mean. Of course the tomatoes are from a can, nothing wrong with that. The pizza sauce comment makes no sense as Randazzos makes a thick long cooked sauce and pizza sauce is usually not cooked at all.

                  1. re: josh L

                    What would you like me to write about their steamers and lobster? That they're over cooked in way to much fresh water? As for the "modified" sauce comment. I still stand by it.