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Whats the best frozen dinner?

I like Boston Market frozen meals,Michaelangelo's lasagnas are ok.Which others are good?

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  1. I haven't had one in a long time, but I used to like Stouffer's vegetable lasagna. My boyfriend likes Amy's cheese-less, roasted vegetable frozen pizza. Oh, and I just rediscovered an old guilty pleasure...Totino's party pizzas!

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      I wish I had a fake moustache and glasses right now, so no one could hear me whisper... I like totino's party pizzas too!! Oh, the shame, but it's something from my childhood and every so often I MUST have one; glad someone shares my sentiments :-D I also agree with whomever said marie callendar's; when I was a teenager, mom would buy the italian ones, stuffed pasta shells or something and it came with a silce of garlic bread LOADED with butter that you put into the oven to cook. Wow, that just made me feel old!

    2. Amy's veggie lasagna is pretty good, as are Taj frozen entrees.

      1. I'm still entranced by Trader Joe's Mac 'n' Cheese.

        1. What do you mean by frozen meals? Just the type you just stick in the oven or microwave or do you include the ones where you pour it from a bag into a pan and heat?

          The new ones in bags tend to be faster and better than the ones in trays. Bertolli is pretty good and if you can find Mario Battalis they are excellent, but a little pricier. There are several other good brands. I find they beat out just about every one of the other type hands down for flavor.

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            I love Amy's... I have a couple of the veggie pot pies and pocket sandwiches on hand in case I don't have leftovers for lunch.

            I also like the new Kashi dinners... good in a pinch.

          2. I like Puttu and Chicken Curry the best.... :-)

            1. Though not a big frozen food fan, I recall that the Marie Callender ones are good...That's because they have the highest fat content...Supporting the age old saying "Fat equals flavor"....

              1. Not a fan of frozen food. But... I'm not sure how widely distributed it is but I like Smokey Robinson's Seafood Gumbo.

                1. Michael Angelo's Manicotti
                  MC's Pasta Medley
                  MC's chicken and Dumplings
                  TJ's Mac'n'Cheese
                  TJ's Cheese Enchiladas in the clear plastic topped container
                  TJ's Eggplant Parmesan (the low cal one)

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                    Michaelangelo's Eggplant Parmesan
                    Gino's East Frozen Chicago Pizza

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                      I agree that the Michaelangelo's eggplant parmesan is great. I like even more the Milton's brand. Sometimes Costco carries it, but I haven't seen it in the last 3 months. Where do you find Gino's East Frozen Chicago Pizza in San Francisco?

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                        At Safeway...On Market St. and the one at Taraval...I suppose they all carry them...3 styles...all cheese, pepperoni, and spinach and (mushroom???)

                        Not remotely like the 'real thing' .. but good for a Chicago Pizza craving...when you don't want to brave the crowds and noise at "Little Star'

                  2. way back when, stouffer's had a frozen lobster newburg in a pouch. you just dropped the pouch in boiling water, snipped the top when finished and spread over toast points.

                    seriously good stuff with almost zero effort.

                    1. For lunch, I'll have Amy's palek paneer, matter tofu or vegetable korma. I also like Gardenburger's black bean chipotle burrito. Celentano's eggplant rolette is pretty good, too.

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                        I pretty much like anything Stouffer's.