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May 27, 2007 09:19 PM

Emily Shaw's in Pound Ridge (formerly Inn at Pound Ridge)

I just noticed on Liz Johnson's blog that the former Inn at Pound Ridge has reopened as Emily Shaw's Inn at Pound Ridge with smaller restaurant Americana 12 - Piano Bar & Grill downstairs. Anyone been there yet? The chef is Greg Gilbert, whose bio on their website ( claims that he was most recently at Crabtree's Kittle House. I guess he decided that mentioning his time at Jackson and Wheeler (where he went after Kittle House) wouldn't sound as impressive.

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  1. Wasn't it Emily Shaw's a zillion years ago?

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      I do not know if it is in the same location, but yes, there was an Emily Shaw's in Pound Ridge but it was only about a hundred years ago, I think.

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      1. Ate here for the second time this past Saturday. Place was almost full at 8PM. Very disorganized serving team, to the point of laughabiity. No different than our experience of two weeks prior except food was much worse this time. Only acceptable dish on our table of six was the porterhouse steak for two. There's a "pastry chef" who walked table to table promoting himself. He said he spent the last eleven years at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. Desserts were awful. (Make up your own line here!) I was so hoping that this restaurant would be good! Oh, and the noise level was intolerably high. Then, a band started playing at about 9:30 PM !!!!

        1. My other half and I went here for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate his birthday. To say that we were appalled and disappointed with the service is an understatement. We had a reservation, so one would think we'd be at a decent table, right? After all, they knew we were coming, and it wasn't THAT full. We were given the option of sitting right next to the piano (a bit loud, no?) or in the path of servers, other patrons, and parties being seated.

          The food was okay. I really enjoyed my roasted beet and goat cheese salad but my halibut left a bit to be desired- too chewy and the fingerling potatoes were soggy. I should have ordered two beet salads as my entree! My guy's cheddar cheese soup appetizer was excellent, but his filet mignon was undercooked (he ordered it medium, and got it medium rare. Good for me, not for him.) Our waitron disappeared as soon as our entrees got to the table; we'd wanted a second glass of wine each, but couldn't get any service.

          The good points? The beet salad and cheddar cheese soup, the piano guy and the bussers. Our table was cleared quickly and water glasses were always full. Maybe the wait staff should take a hint from the bussers about good service. I'd recommend only going to this place for appetizers and drinks; especially if you like GOOD wine.

          I can be treated like I'm invisible at Applebee's where I'm only shelling out $10 for a meal- when the total cost of a dining experience is well over $100, I expect a LOT more. Also, if you want to have a conversation, don't go here- the acoustics suck,

          1. I ate at Emily Shaw's with my parents and sister on 12/1/2007. The dining room was very chilly and noisy. Our waiter was very sweet but didn't know the menu at all. We skipped appetizers and ordered entrees, which were delicious. Then we ordered coffees and a piece of the cappuccino layer cake for dessert. The beverages arrived momentarily (the coffee was bad, cappuccino was decent), but we didn't get the cake for at least 20 minutes. The cake tasted like hazelnut - after our waiter insisted it was the cappuccino cake, he checked with the kitchen and sheepishly admitted the cappuccino cake wasn't made that day. I might try the bar at some point, but I will not be returning for dinner. What a shame.