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May 27, 2007 09:13 PM

pork shoulder slow cook question....

I have a pretty good method for slow roasting a 3-4lb pork shoulder (I rub it w/ salt,pepper and a small anount of flour and brown it on all sides. I cook it w/cover on for about an hour then roast it at about 275 for 6 or so hours in an 8 qt staub uncovered w/loose foil..) Tomorrow though I'd like to do 2 at once. How does my method change for doing two 3.5lb pork shoulders? I have a 12x14in stainless roasting pan w/3 inch sides. Can I put them both in that? Would it change cooking times? I'm cooking in a wolf oven.

Oh and I plan to make a pulled pork for sandwhiches w/a vinegar based finising sauce. I'm also making cole slaw (a little sweeter..) on the side or to put on sandwhiches..I was thinking of making some pickled red onions for a condiment too..

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  1. The same method will be fine (and pan too). I'd put a bit of liquid (water or chic broth) on the bottom of the pan to prevent burning. I'm not sure why you flour the meat before browning (if not making a gravy) can just S&P then brown--will be prettier this way IMO. Your meal sounds delish...what time should I be there? (tee hee)

    1. The most important thing next to slow cooking like you are doing(cooking between 225 and 275) is bringing the internal temp of the meat to 195 , for pulling, so investing in a remote digital thermometer is a wise investment. If you only cook the pork shoulder/butt to say 180 it will not pull well if at all, at that temp you can only slice it.

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        Thanks guys..actually I don't (and didn't)flour the meat all the time. That's for the roast pork w/cabbage, potatoes and yes, gravy...I don't have a thermometer but I usually just wait till it's practically pulling itself apart (falling apart..) about 2 more hours and I'm good!

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          ok, brought the whole works to a party tonight and 8 lbs of pork was gone in about an hour and a half..made all the above accompaniments and everyone was slayed
          by their sandwiches.

          Thanks for your help.

          Oh,I put some garlic cloves in the meat while roasting and cooked it in the braising juice w/thyme and bayleaves. Poured off most of the fat deglazed and added that to the pulled pork. After we pulled it we added lemon juice salt and brown sugar.

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            Mmm sounds good...thanks for reporting back :).

            P.S. I too always save the rendered pork fat--too tasty to discard...and I always find a use for it.