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May 27, 2007 09:12 PM

Best Chef Table for 4 People?

Hi there, need something special for mom's bday. been to Table One and some others but we want something different.

i have heard good things about Providence's Chef Table but the birthday girl is not a big fan of fish and i am worried that Providence's heavy fish laden menu might not work.

any other options people know about??


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  1. Still Providence. They can work around non fish eaters if you get the chef's table.

    you have to do the chef's tasting menu. But at that price, they'll suit it to mom's needs. Just call ahead and ask them if it's possible when you make the res.

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    1. re: Diana

      well then, there we go. =) I'll call tomorrow and see if they can accommodate us

      1. re: Diana

        I'm not sure Providence would work. Every time I have had the Chef's tasting (easily over a dozen courses) every dish incorporated seafood in some form, with the exception of a meat course and the desserts. I love Providence and would never hesitate to recommend it, but in this case I don't think it's the most suitable option.

        1. re: hrhboo

          yea, i actually just called providence and had a very weird experience. Spoke to a very seemingly helpful hostess and we were confirmed for the chef's table and then right before i we hung up she asked if we were going to have the chef's tasting menu. I informed her that my mom/bday girl is not a big fan of fish (though the rest of the party is) and was there any way we could work around that. The hostess then said well we have a pretty big waiting list for the chef's table so we'll get back to you.


          i had a confirmed reservation and then suddenly there is a long wait...? why not just tell me that the chef's menu will have tons of fish and it probably wont be a good idea? very odd. anyways, i will call back tomorrow just to see if i missed something.

          1. re: DReborn

            The Chef's menu does include a ton of seafood. Is it just fish she doesn't like, or seafood in general?

            1. re: DReborn

     that. t sounds like she didn't have her brain fully on.

              Talk to Donato. Be sure to ask them if they can do a menu at teh chef's table for your mom that is more meat and veggie, and she hates fish. Although she'd love the stuff there. I stil dream about the salt-crust spot prawns.

              The berkshire pork belly, wagyu beef are both amazing.
              Another option which is not a chef's table, but a darn good tasting menu, is Spago.

              Grace does a lot of Pork on their tasting menu, I've heard.

              1. re: Diana

                I used to love the Chef's table at Norman's, sadly no longer. If I recall correctly, Bastide had a table with a kitchen view, as did Meson G. Tables in the kitchen are less common than I thought. Aside from Table One and Patina I can't think of any others.

                1. re: hrhboo

                  well first off, thank you all for the very helpful advice. very nice welcome to the forums.

                  i will check in tomorrow and see what's what with providence.

                  in the end, i might just end up with Sona or Cut (no private room/chef table but good places nonetheless).

                  Only requirement(s): need (somewhat) quiet for Dad and not all fish for Mom. =)

                  I also made a reservation at The Penthouse. Any good? heard that the views were amazing but the food was "so-so."

                  1. re: DReborn

                    The Penthouse is great, but definitely not a quiet/relaxing evening out with the parents. It is loud and extremely busy, the bar area is usually slammed with people spilling into the dining areas too. The menu is uninspired.

                    Have you considered Melisse? It's such a beautiful setting with truly excellent food.

                    PS I just did a quick search and discovered that every branch of Buca Di Beppo has a table in the kitchen (??!!). Bizarre.

                    1. re: hrhboo

                      yep, Melisse is one of our faves. And Buca's do have a table in the kitchen. it literally is a small table IN the kitchen.

                      1. re: hrhboo

                        It's very odd, especially since customers are lead through the kitchen to the dining room. The kitchen table is supposedly a lot of fun, though-if you can stand Buca Di beppo's mediocre food.

                        My boss had it with ehr friends once, and said it was a blast,-the staff and chefs play and kid with you. She ad her group decided to pretend that they were there because they had been late for their reservation and were being punished. The chefs went along, and kept "yelling" at them every time new customers came through. "No more pasta for YOU! Next time, get here on time! And you can forget dessert!"

          2. Providence is a seafood restaurant. If your mom doesn't like seafood it wouldn't make much sense to take her there. There are plenty of other restaurants that aren't seafood...
            Did you mean table 8??

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