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May 27, 2007 08:50 PM

Best Boston area meal?

Visiting Boston next month and have gained a barely basic knowledge of Boston area eateries.
I am wondering if fellow chowhounds could be kind enough to describe their favorite meals they may have enjoyed in or around Boston?
I believe this could enhance all of our knowledge.

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  1. La Famiglia Georgio!!! It is fantastic. We visit it every year before the Boston Marathon. The portions are huge!!

    1. Are there particular qualities you are looking for (type of cuisine, price point, atmosphere)? I have plenty of favorites, La Famila Georgio not being one the them by any stretch. For me, if I want big portions of Italian food I would prefer to go to Vinny's at Night in Somerville. I was actually there Friday night and got my standby eggplant parm with the homemade mafalde. Took my parents who had been wanting to go after hearing me talk about it and they both loved the pork with vinegar peppers (we were all dipping our bread in that gravy). Another big portion Italian place I like is Grotto on Beacon Hill.

      Another regular haunt of mine is B&G Oysters where I sat outside yesterday and had oysters (Wellfleet, Beau Soleil and Malpeque). There were seven of us and most got the lobster BLT which they all loved, my dad got the fried clams which I tasted and were fresh and delicious and I got my standby lobster roll which was chock full of fresh lobster meat. There was some talk on the board recently about the price of the lobster roll having gone up above $30 but yesterday it was $26.

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        Yes, a few parameters would help us set you along chowish paths. I agree w/ Lissy about La Famiglia Giorgio. The portions are indeed huge, but they are not in fact even remotely fantastic.

        1. re: tatamagouche

          I'll have to agree with tatamagouche -- truly awful food and lots of it at Famiglia Giorgio. It's possible, but tough, to do worse in the North End. Will heartily endorse lissy's recommendations of Vinny's, Grotto, and B&G. Sassymi2, please tell us where you're staying or what kind of food you want.

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            We are staying in Burlington at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites for 5 days in mid June. This should give us ample time to explore Boston and suburbs, as well as Rhode Island and other areas of Massachusetts. I love seafood and Italian food. Don't necessarilly need big portions, but looking for a quality meal under $15 per person if possible. My wife and I often split meals but she will not eat seafood. If we split meals we are willing to pay more than the aforementioned $15. The intent of my posting question was to describe your favorite meals--rather than just the resuarant. Thanks for your assistance

            1. re: SASSYMI2

              There's not a lot in Burlington that's first rate except for Flatbread Pizza (which will fit your price range).

              Cheap seafood is tough to come by, never mind cheap and good. Your best bets anywhere near your price range would be some North Shore clam shacks such as The Clam Box (Ipswich), and Woodman's or J.T. Farnham's (both in Essex).

              Cheap Italian that's good is somewhat easier. Boston's North End has some options, including Galleria Umberto (lunch only) and Pizzeria Regina. Carlo's in Allston also qualifies.

              For inexpensive Asian in general and Chinese in particular, check out Chinatown (especially King Fung Garden and Peach Farm for Chinese and Pho Pasteur and Pho Hoa for Vietnamese). Cheap and good Thai include Dok Bua in Brookline and Brown Sugar in the Fenway and near Boston University.

              If you're from hotbeds of BBQ or Mexican cuisine, you won't likely enjoy what we've got here, but if not you can try Blue Ribbon (Arlington or West Newton), Redbones (Somerville), Uncle Pete's (Revere), Firefly's (Framingham, Quincy, or Marlborough), or Bison County (Waltham) for the former; or El Pelon (Boston's Fenway), Taqueria Mexico (Waltham or Brookline), or Tacos Lupita (Revere, Somerville, Lynn, Lawrence) for the latter.

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