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May 27, 2007 07:46 PM

Korean Tofu - So Kong Dong Tofu House

My wife's Korean co-workers took her to this place, on Harry Hines just north of Walnut Creek, last week and she has been asking to go back ever since. I finally got to try it today, and it was definitely the best soondobu I've had in Dallas. Very flavorful broth, excellent side dishes (including a whole, cooked fish for each person) and decent rice. The place is a little hard to spot - it is in the Plaza Latina (?) on the east side of Harry Hines, but it is in the back on the right side. The sign is in Korean, except for the words Tofu House. Inside the decor is nice and clean, and the staff were friendly and spoke reasonable English (and Chinese, it turned out) and the menu is in Korean and English. In addition to a variety of tofu soups, they also have some BBQ, Bibimbap and arrowroot noodle dishes, along with a few other things. It may take me a while to try them out, though, since the tofu was so tasty. I had the seafood, my wife tried the soybean paste, which had a nice miso flavor to it, not too strong. They will also give you extra of the side dishes if you want, which was nice. It was all reasonably priced, too - $8 for the tofu. Plus, they are open 10 - 10 every day, so there is really no need for me to get the soondobu from Ko Mart anymore.

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  1. ...and the secret has been let out the bag. this place has been garnering a lot of attention w/n the Koreans in Dallas. This is definitely on "my next restaurant to try" list.

    1. Can't wait to try it. Note that Google says it is on Denton Drive, the next street east of Harry Hines.

      1. We went there last night. No kidding, this place is hard to find! Even though the address says Denton Drive, it's easiest to get there on Harry Hines (on E side of the road).

        Husband tried the Tofu Dolsot Bimbimbap - it was ok though we couldn't really identify much tofu in it.

        I had the kimchee, tofu & beef soup. Slightly spicy, lots of tofu and very flavorful.

        We also ordered the korean dumplings (10 pieces) - steamed. From the looks and taste of it, they seem to be made fresh by hand. Very good. (IMO, many Asian restaurants in DFW serve frozen dumplings.)

        For side dishes, like babar said, we both got a fried fish. The rest were typical.

        I think the prices overall are a few bucks cheaper than other Korean restaurants we've tried.

        1. Have you tried Twins Hot Tofu in Richardson? It's on the West side of Plano Rd, just before Beltline, in the same strip as Albertson's. They make their tofu fresh there, which my Korean friend says most other places don't, and is what sets it apart from the rest. We go there weekly for lunch and get the vegetable soondubu for $6, which comes with rice, sides, and a silky tofu appetizer. The price goes up to $8 at dinner and the appetizer changes to a plate of fried tofu. It's definitely the best tofu i have had in a restaurant, although i have not tried the tofu house you're mentioning. If you enjoy soondubu, definitely give Twin's Hot Tofu a try and let me know how it compares!

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            Thanks for the recommendation! We tried it out last night. The tofu is really good, nice and silky. Not quite as large of a selection of side dishes, but I think my wife prefers this place to So Kong Dong. She likes the appetizer tofu, the flavor of the broth, and the rice. I think So Kong Dong's broth has a deeper flavor, including the flavor of the seafood, and I appreciate the fish as an appetizer, so I might still choose to go there. Obviously, more samples (and different dishes) need to be evaluated!