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May 27, 2007 07:40 PM

best place to buy wine in DFW?

Hi hounds,
I'm posting this on the "Texas" board and not on "Wine" because it's about where people buy wine in the DFW area. Let me know if you think my judgement is off.

I live in NYC, but I'm shopping for wine for our wedding in DFW. I'll need to buy 8-10 cases. Where do people shop when they need to buy in quantity and want both decent wine and a good deal?

I'd like to spend $5-7 a bottle. I've been looking at online options, and even considered asking family in CA to pick it up at Trader Joes and bring it with them to TX. However, I'd rather buy it at a local shop in DFW if I can.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. A friend of mine manages Landon winery in downtown McKinney. They sell a couple decent merlots and cabs in the $12/bottle range, but give discounts for purchases by the case. They also do custom labels for special events for an extra fee, I think.

    Not sure there is a place in town to get Trader Joe prices.

    1. For your price range, I'd go Chilean or Australian - good values and good wine for the price. Robert Mondavi's Woodbridge line comes in liters and it's also a good value and, while wine snobs will cringe, I usually serve it at parties. It's around $11, but that's for a liter.

      We don't have Trader Joe's, but we do have Sam's Club and Costco which are membership clubs that have cheap deals on stuff. If you know someone with a membership at one of those places, that's probably your best bet for the price.

      Central Market has a nice selection of Chilean wines at reasonable prices and offers 10% off 6 bottles or more. You might call a location and see if you could get a better deal given the quantity of wine you need. I know they have 20% off case sales every now and then and they might be willing to make you the same deal. There are other grocery stores in town who offer the 10% off deal, but I have done special orders with CM before and I know they come through. I drink a Chilean wine they sell at CM for $6.79/bottle (before discount).

      Sigel's is a good liquor chain here with a number of locations so you should be able to find one near where you will be. The laws in Texas require that liquor be sold in separate stores and liquor stores usually offer a selection of beer and wine. Beer and wine are sold at grocery stores. Most liquor stores will give you a case discount if you ask them.

      As far as the California thing goes, I'm not sure that's the best option. I don't know when your wedding is planned, but if it's any time before October, that wine is going to get roasted in the back of a car.

      At the risk of sounding like a complete dork, be careful transporting wine across state lines. At that quantity it is usually not legal without some sort of permit and, while "everyone does it", cops can confiscate the wine if they find out about it. People do get stopped for speeding tickets alot in West Texas because the cops are bored. It probably wouldn't happen, but it would be a complete pain if it did.

      1. Yep hands down Costco or Sams Club. Obviously you want to select locations that are in more affluent parts of town to get a better selection of top end wines.

        1. There are several good chains in town that will be happy to help you. Goody Goody, Centennial and Sigel's. There is also Sam's, Costco, and Cost Plus World Market. Due to some of the really quirky Texas laws, you may be able to do better at Centennial, Goody Goody or Sigel's for your wine purchases. Give them a call and see what prices you can get.

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            I've had great luck at Goody Goody, both with prices and with their service.

          2. I second Goody-Goody. I got all my wedding booze there and they were great. There is very inexpensive Texas wine if you want to go that way - St. Genevieve is inexpensive and fine to drink. They make reds, whites and blush. If you're having CA people who drink/enjoy wine they will probably spit it on the floor, but hey, pretend it's part of the celebration! Congrats by the way!!

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              I third Goody-Goody on lower Greenville Avenue. Great Selection and Great Prices. They have a cab that is similar to Two Buck Chuck. If memory serves me correctly, the label is Oak Vineyards and the cost is around $5. For the sake of your wedding party, please do not serve St. Genevieve. This is supposed to be a enjoyable occasion.