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May 27, 2007 07:38 PM

Bainbridge Island, WA dinner for party of 10, suggestions?

We will be in the seattle area in a couple of weeks and are looking for a good, fun restaurant for a rather large group of foodies. Does anyone know of anything on Bainbridge Island?

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  1. great friend of mine and former employye is now chef owner of a great place called mor mor bistro, tell the chef porter sent you!

    1. Sorry, but MorMor isn't on Bainbridge - it's about 30 minutes across the island in Poulsbo.

      Depending on what you're looking for, I'd probably recommend Madoka, although it can be expensive. It's definitely the "foodiest" place we've got, sort of Pacific Rim fusion, innovative, with a decent wine list. Or for something more casual, although the size of the group might be a problem, the Harbour House, aka the Pub, has very nice pub food in a fun setting. I don't know if they'd be able to reserve for 10 on the deck, but if so, that's really lovely, right on the water. Bainbridge Thai can do a group of 10, is also right by the water, and if you tell them when you reserve that I sent you and you want "Thai style" dishes you'll be able to get some unusual food (disclosure - they're my neighbors).

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        Thanks for clearing up the first restaurant's location.
        We are interested in the Thai place. Anything we should ask for specifically?
        How close to the ferry are they, we're traveling with some elderly people....
        Thanks, H

        1. re: hamahoney

          Bainbridge Thai is a 10 minute walk from the ferry, for people who walk normally. There's a mild uphill and downhill aspect to it, so it really depends on your folks and their walking abilities. I like the food on the menu, but for what I think of as more interesting, less usual food, I'd talk to the owners Teddy or Tum (pronounced toom) and mention that you'd like a Thai-style menu, and see if you can work out something in advance.

          1. re: Abra

            Thank you so much for the recommendation!
            We loved Bainbridge Thai, they made terrific spicy food, lots of special dishes and Teddy was great. He even gave us a ride back to the ferry so we wouldn't be late.
            If you're ever in Vermont I'll send you the names of some fun yummy restaurants.

            1. re: hamahoney

              Awesome, I'm so glad it worked out! I'll be sure to tell them you loved it.