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May 27, 2007 06:50 PM

Looking for great food in Springfield, IL

My wife and I will be in Springfield on a Saturday and Sunday night in June, and are looking for great food -- both nice place and some "get down" food. Italian, American, Mexican, steak, you name it. Neither one of us has ever been there before. Thanks!

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  1. There is a recent thread about this topic if you search for Springfield under the Midwest Board. Sad to say the culinary landscape in Springfield is pretty bleak, mostly ordinary chain-type places. My fave is Cafe Brio, downtown - sort of Tex-Mex, but very good quality and consistently good.

    1. As mentioned below, there is a recent thread about this but to quickly answer:

      Thai/Vietnamese: Magic Kitchen, Little Saigon, Taste of Thai
      Italian: Tuscany
      Mexican: Xochimilco (2 locations)
      Gambino's in nearby Rochester features Cajun/creole on thurs-sat (the owner is a LA native)
      Brio as mentioned is always a good choice
      Augie's Front Burner and Sebastian's downtown are good as well.
      If you are looking for the signature Springfield dish have a 'horseshoe' at D'arcy's.

      Give me some more info on what you are really interested and where you'll be and I can give you directions...

      1. Thanks to you both. My bad for not having caught that recent thread.