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May 27, 2007 06:28 PM

Is Gaffey St Diner in San Pedro wrth a drive from the SFV?

Saw it on TV tonight. The pancakes and biscuits looked huge and yummy. s it worth the trip, or should I stick to O GRoats?

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    1. re: Diana

      Wish I knew but haven't tried it. If you do will you please post a review?

      However--that is a long haul for pancakes & biscuits. Maybe combine it with another SP experience to help justify the drive, like visiting the fish market at Ports O' Call?

      Or a harbor cruise?

      Might as well make a day of it & enjoy another SP eatery before you go home. Though it doesn't get a lot of mention here, we like Papadakis Greek Taverna, though admittedly we haven't been there in quite some time.

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