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May 27, 2007 06:24 PM

Richmond Hill Dinning HELP

I am looking for a restaurant to take out my wedding party after our wedding rehersal. Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurant which will hold 20 people and not cost an arm and a leg? Many thanks!

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  1. richmond hill = chinese resaturants

    most of them will be able to accomodate large groups. The main areas you should look at are....

    Times Square (hwy 7 & leslie)
    Jubilee Square (hwy 7 & w beaver creek)
    First Markham Place (hwy 7 & woodbine)

    Just do a search for Chinese in those places on the board and you'll see a plethora of choices.

    1. Well lycheelover.

      At risk of getting the obvious answer. What are you looking for in a restaurant?? Other than the two pre-req's noted above of course.


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      1. re: Davwud

        Ideally a restaurant with a semi-private area would be great...other than that I am open to any suggestions.


        1. re: lycheelover

          Il Fornello north of Hy 7 on Yonge is reasonable, Alice Fazooli's on York Blvd, has a nice atmosphere, and the food is decent, and there are several restaurants to choose from in that area. Brix on Commerce court, I believe has a separate room.

          1. re: ejcoooper0

            Thank you for all of your suggestions, I really appreciate it. Has anyone been or heard anything about Cafe En Passant?(French food in Richmond Hill)

            1. re: lycheelover

              I was there last year, so unless they change chef, it is some of the worst food that I have ever eaten in a restaurant, strongly recommend you stay away from it.

              So I guess you are not looking for chinese type of food ?

      2. This is in Aurora - and may be worth checking out

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        1. re: estufarian

          Thank you for the Bistro 171 suggestion. The menu looks like it has something for everybody. Has anyone every eaten or heard anything on Bistro 171?

          Many thanks!

          1. re: lycheelover

            The reason I mentioned it is that it was recommended to me by good friends who have now been 3 times in the past 2 months. I will be trying it soon, but I have had good food from the same chef at his previous restaurant (1055).

        2. Nava at York Blvd. and Hwy. 7 isn't bad. It's affiliated with Brix, which is virtually directly south of that location. Rhapsody has good Hungarian, but I'm not sure about the size for your party. It's at Yonge, just north of Major Mackenzie. Carnaval Brazilian Grill while not spectacular, is kind of fun and is in the same group of places as Nava.

          1. I recently attended a private function at Nava, also on York Blvd. There's an upstairs room overlooking the dance floor, with its own bar. Can't speak to the food - we had finger foods only, and they were all meat-based (no veggie options).