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May 27, 2007 05:18 PM

Access to NYT cooking/food section

Tell me how to get access to the NTY times cooking/food section, please.
What day(s) is it posted and how long can you access it?

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  1. The Dining section, which includes recipes etc., comes out on Wednesdays. I believe it is accessible to all on that day, and maybe for several days thereafter. However, if you sign up as a NYT user online - it's free - you may have access to articles for a longer time period.

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      I prefer to sign up as a registered user and just stay logged in all the time on my home pc. If you are a raging internet privacy freak (which is NOT a bad thing to be, IMNSHO), you can use one of the logins form BugMeNot dot com. HTH.


    2. generally the food section is accessible for 7 days as are most ny times articles. after tha they become accessible for a fee. of course this is not 100% of the time in 100% of the cases, but generally

      1. I think the restaurant reviews stay free indefinitely.

        Recipes and other articles are (with occasional exceptions) free for the first seven days, after that you need a subscription to Times Select ($50 a year).