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May 27, 2007 04:40 PM

Kosher Wineries in Napa?

Will be in Napa in a couple of weeks nad would like to tour some of the kosher wineries - does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. BS"D

    There's only 1, and that's Hagafen. We used to be in the neighboring county of Sonoma, but we sold and relocated to LA for the education of the kids. There's another small winery a couple of hours away in the Santa Cruz mountains, Four Gates. Finally, if you're coming down to the LA area, you can check out Herzog in Oxnard. Sorry, but California doesn't really have much in the way of kosher winery faclities.

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      Thanks that is what I had found out from my research on the internet-

    2. Just found this thread with a Google search for "kosher napa wine". Not to revive an old topic, but a quick message to internet users of the future:

      There are two Napa wineries offering Kosher wine:
      Hagafen Cellars -
      and Covenant Wines -

      You can read about the difference between tasting room experiences in this blog post I found: Rick's Wine Country Journal.

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        It was my understanding that Covenant doesn't have their own winery faciltiy- strictly custom crush at Falcor. Perhaps there's a tasting room somewhere, but in terms of touring a winery, I'm not sure what there would be to be seen.

        1. re: ganeden

          BR Cohn is Sonoma released kosher Cabernet last year

          Not sure if it is still available.

      2. We went to Hagafen a number of years ago and the people there were delightful. We called first to confirm that they were open, and to get directions, and to our very pleasant surprise the owner (or possibly his father) was waiting near the entrance because the sign was obscured (or something) so he helped show us in. They could not have been more warm and courteous.

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          Same experience when we went to Hagafen several years ago. We got lost on the way (wrong turn) and someone from the winery called us back to make sure we were on our way. Lovely place, great wine.