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May 27, 2007 04:32 PM

I see Liberty Tavern is open--any good?

I drove by it on the way home from dinner at Boulevard Woodgrill. Has anybody tried this new place out? Is it any good?

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  1. It's got potential, but can get VERY loud. To be expected in the downstairs bar, but the upstairs dining area can also be deafening. Maybe they need to take some hints from Veridian.

    The food was OK, a few gliches but nothing killer. I thought the menu was interesting, others in my party were underwhelmed. The wine list was reasonable. On Saturday it was a flesh market, with bared bosoms galore. But a nice upscale option for Clarendon.

    I did a more thorough review on the food here:

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      1. Mrs D and I had a glass of wine there last night. interesting vibe sitting at the bar on a crowded evening, somewhere between Willow and Whitlow's. we'll be back soon to eat I'm sure

        1. The three dishes I sampled last week at Liberty Tavern were mostly inoffensive concoctions. Gnocchi with squash in a sage brown butter, brook trout over cabbage and fingerling potatoes, apple and endive salad with bacon, nuts, and blue cheese crumbles ina buttermilk dressing. Nothing worth going out of your way for, but I may go back to try out the sandwiches/burgers. They also have a wood burning oven, but I didn't try any of its product.