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May 27, 2007 03:59 PM

Decent chow in woodbury

Mom is in a rehab facility, Cold Spring Hills, on Syosset-Woodbury road in Woodbury Long Island.We need a decent place for a nice late lunch or early dinner. We have tried Ben's deli and found it overpriced and noisy. There's a diner nearby but they even ruined eggs. It's such a lovely looking area I'm sure there's someplace good for a few out-of-town c'hounders.

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    1. We like Butera's, just slightly east of Ben's, same side of the street. In the same shopping center is the Amazon Grill which is OK. A little east of that, just before Crest Hollow country club, on the north side of Jericho is Major's, which is a great steakhouse for reasonably priced good steaks. I am crazy about their burgers and home fried potatoes.

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        Thanks, Mac and Fred. We'll try these.

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          It is Laguna Grill, Butera's is good can get a little crowded at dinner time, Gabby's is ok for bagels and salads (one shopping center east of Butera's adn laguna Grill)

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            I liked Gabby's when I stopped in on my own one afternoon. I especially liked the concept of the "choose your own" chopped salad. D.H. didn't like the lines. so, we'll try one of the other reco's today and report back. Thanks.

      2. Lucy;
        There is a place in Syosset called the 'Grey Turkey'. It is a small, mostly catering place, but they have about a half a dozen tables. They usually have lunch specials with soup, salad and a sandwich that are really near-gourmet quality at good prices. It is in a small strip mall, near a paint store. Ambience is not great, but the food is really good.

        Grey Turkey Caterers, Inc
        18 Berry Hill Rd
        Syosset, NY 11791
        (516) 921-0803

        This place is good for lunch, but I have never had dinner there.


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          I knew I could rely on my fellow c'hounds. DH, Dad and I had a very edible lunch at Laguna Grill yesterday. they are a bit pricey for what they serve, but I can see that the area traffic will bear high prices. I had a chopped salad (ate the leftovers today) and DH had an appetizer portion quesadilla that was more than adequate for a light lunch. Now if you could have done something about the uncontrolled kid in the next booth, lunch would have been perfect :)