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May 27, 2007 03:43 PM

Quspo - new restaurant?

Has anyone seen this new storefront on the northeast corner of Santa Monica Blvd. between Barrington and Federal? I haven't seen anything written or advertised about it and am not sure if this is a new Mexican restaurant (my guess) or something else altogether...

Any inside info on this place? Thanks.

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  1. Was it possibly Qdoba? If so, that's a chain owned by Jack in the Box,their challenger to Chipotle, and maybe best known at this point for winning a Massachusetts court ruling that a burrito is not a sandwich.

    Check the "Chains" board for more info, eg

    The food? I have absolutely no idea. :-).

    1. Thanks for the reply, but I don't believe it's a chain and it doesn't have the signage of Qdoba. I guess I'm going to have to investigate for myself and report back to everyone!!

      1. not sure of exact location you've referenced, ...but see link which may possibly answer your question for the location at 11629 Santa Monica at the n/e corner of Barry and Santa name for the restaurant, but does identify owner/operator.

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          It's Qusqo - a transliteration of Cuzco in Peru. They're brand new - the official opening isn't until Friday. Went there with a party of six so we got to sample quite a lot of dishes. They were, for the most part, excellent. They specialize in Peruvian seafood - the ceviche was truly marvelous as was the shrimp chowder. Tamales were brilliant and their potato-cake appetizer was heavenly. There were a couple of appetizers covered with cheese - potatoes (yucca?) and corn - avoid both as the cheese is very bland and tasteless. The grilled sole main course and the stir-fry beef. were very very good. Deserts were ordinary ice creams. The wine list was minimal - bring your own - $10 corkage. Six people - eight appetizers - three main courses - two beers- two corkages - totaled $132. Very good value.

          The atmosphere is very cool and and arty - it's also a gallery space. All in all a very comfortable and pleasant new place. But the cooking could use a bit more spice. I would certainly make reservations because it's going to be very popular. 310 312-3807

          It's just east of Barrington on the NE corner of Barry and Santa Monica 11633 SM Blvd.
          Their website is

          Oh, they serve a spicy pepper dip with the bread. Get extra and use it with the entrees.


          1. re: Jeryy

            excellent - thanks for details - that ceviche sounds good...and obviously not detailed in the City's permit

            ..guess they're still going after ABC permit since it's byo... (btb 11629 address incl. 11633 site).

            1. re: Local

              That just seems like a really tough / duck out of water location for a restaurant with the type of vibe that the website and Jeryy are talking about.

              1. re: tony michaels

                You may be correct - but I went there and it just felt right. Despite the website, it's unpretentious. I just wish them good luck.


                1. re: Jeryy

                  Oh my, have you made my day! This is SUCH good news. We were big fans of Pollo Inka and lamented its parting - even if it was in a redecorated DeeDee's Diner. And we usually shlep from West L.A. to Mario's Peruvian Seafood in Hollywood or the Diplomat in Lawndale for our Peruvian fix. But no more! Thank you so so much for letting us know - what a treat - a place that's actually walking distance from our apartment!!!!!

              2. re: Local

                Jervy stated the wine list to be minimal.
                The abc license has been approved for 11633 S/M Blvd. and active since mid-February, per below:

                1. re: carter

                  oops. thanks for clarification...misread Jervy's that ABC site.

                  1. re: Local

                    Jervy, if we just happen to meander over there to eat this evening, would it be open to the general public, of do you have to know someone and the secret knock on the door???

                    1. re: Local

                      (with apologies to Jeryy for mistaking a y for a v...i'm sure carter and bria s. join me).

                      1. re: Local

                        Jeryy: Thanks to your review, we headed over there last night. Lots of foot traffic in that neighborhood - between the Nook, EN Sushi, Le Saigon, the Japanese place (that replaced Tenjin - can't recall the name) Juquila and the other places on that strip, including Cafe 50's, it's very dense now.

                        We had the couscous salad and the tossed salad to begin - you can tell right away their commitment to quality and freshness because every ingredient was able to be separately discerned and enjoyed. Even the corn in their salad was crunchy fresh and the avocado completely ripe and unblemished.

                        For entrees I had the shrimp chowder (I thought a little small in size but quite delicious, and again, each ingredient perfectly incorporated - even the peas were excruciatingly fresh), my husband had a baked wish with calamari on top in a spicy tomato sauce and our son had the parilla with pescado (I think it was salmon) which came with rice and plantains and beans. All told, the bill came to $60 and we were very pleased.

                        The place is miniscule - I think it only seats 25 with a few tables outdoors. There's lots of art on the walls (available for purchase). The waiter told us that Friday is their grand opening and she said that the food (served buffet style) will be free with just a nominal cost for glasses of wine.

            2. We had dinner there this week before running to see La Vie En Rose down the street at the Royal. At 6 the small little restaurant had a few tables filled already and the ladies were attentive. We started with the Ceviche which was a large portion of fish with a delicious citrus sauce. Very fresh. I had a mixed salad with grilled chicken also very fresh. My husband had grilled Salmon with white beans and rice. He enjoyed it and it I thought it was reasonably priced for the nice portion of fish. We would go back. Give it a try!