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What Restaurants Have Copper River Salmon in OC/LA?

It's Copper River salmon season and I'm wondering if any seafood restaurants in the OC/LA area are serving the succulent, amazingly flavorful variety of salmon. It has a very short season, so one must get it while it's available.

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  1. Napa Grill in Westwood usually has it this time of year.

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        Ms. Oz is crazy about their "summer salad," which features a very nice chunk of grilled Copper River salmon. It's about $18.

      2. Might want to try McCormick and Schmidts. They change their menu daily.

        1. In the past, Banderas has always had it during the season.

          1. I know its not a restaurant but was at Santa Monica Seafood this weekend and they have it.

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              I was at Sta. Monica Seafood yesterday (6/6/07) and they indeed had it -- at $30 or so a pound!

            2. Palomino also has it. Unfortunately, I deleted the email, so I don't have the details. But I'm sure you can call to get more info.

              1. kiriko's smoked salmon sushi is copper river isn't it?

                1. The Fish Market at the Irvine Spectrum might have it.

                  1. Bandera and Bristol Farms

                    1. Kiriko has always been known for their Copper Mountain River Salmon Sashimi w/Mango.

                      1. Kiriko!!!!! Absolutely!

                        1. I noticed it at Pacific Dining Car about a week ago.

                          1. I had it yesterday for lunch at The Water Grill downtown. It was served "pastrami spice" style. It was good, but I wasn't blown away, especially at $40 for the entree.

                            1. Trader Joe's has (or at least had, last weekend) Nova-style smoked Copper River salmon, in 12-oz packs. Very nice.