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May 27, 2007 02:58 PM

Hungry Idahoian Seeks Great R.I. Eats

Hi... I'm bringing my son back east to the RISDI Summer program from Sun Valley, Id.. As a past tense eastcoaster (been in the Idaho last 20 yrs) I crave the regional eats of my youth and I see this as a rare opportunity to gorge myself on foods that just don't exist where we now reside. After searching this board I have a fairly good overview but the disparity of the comments on various clam shacks and pizza joints leads to ask of you who are in the know to please point me in the right direction for the best casual R.I. eats. Will be in the are 3 days and am not averse to side trips up to 100 miles in any direction as long as it's near the shore as my primary interest (fantasy) is to eat my fill of clams... lobsters... crabs or any other regional seafood delicacies you might be so kind to direct me to, but in truth, I am open to all suggestions… Thanks....

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  1. You may be able to satisfy your craving at a well known, RI institution known as Iggy's Doughboy's and Chowder House. It is located at Oakland Beach, overlooking the bay in Warwick, about twenty minutes from RISDI:

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      If your looking for a wider variety of local seafood specialties in a sit down setting, there is Cherrystone's directly across the street from Iggy's:

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        Iggys is also located in Narragansett on Point Judith road, right after Charlie O's...You can grab your food and go sit at the Lighthouse and enjoy the view of the ocean and seafood!

    2. Isn't Cherrystones closed?
      Iggy's crowd is probably the highest locals : tourists ratio of anywhere you can go. See you there.
      Evelyn's Drive in in Tiverton - years since I have been but I never see complaints about it.
      My very favorite for a waterfront fish dinner is Quito's in Bristol.

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        Cherrystones re-opened on friday May 25

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          Thanks for the responses. might anyone point me in the direction for the best example of Rhode Island Clam Chowder (The clear broth type)? Never had the pleasure of sampling it and I would hate to miss the chance to on what might very well be my only R.I. trip. Thanks...

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            Good chowder joints seem to be rarer than I remember from my youth. Aunt Carrie's in Narragansett has good Rhode Island choweder, however (I went last weekend, actually).

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              I would suggest Iggys in Narragansett

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                Iggy's has clear broth chowder? Every time I've been the choices were a very creamy white or red.

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                  I'm was born in Westerly and fried clams are one of my passions. The fried clams that I got at Iggy's this past Friday were small and skimpy. The belly clams were barely belly clams. I would never go back period. Whoever is saying that Iggy's has the best the fried clams do not know fried clams. I know of the legal restrictions on clams, but if you have to serve these clams don't bother. I had better fried clams at the Chowder Pot south of Hartford. They were Maryland clams but they were the real thing.

        2. I think Aunt Carrie's fits your requirements. Flo's in Island Park/Portsmouth. Back Eddy in Westport, MA, over RI line near Horseneck Beach, is a more expensive, sit-down restaurant but knows how to cook the seafood, including fried clams, scallops, or lobster, of your choice. Great water views, true New England atmosphere. Not far from there is also
          the Bayside, similar food, very casual. Here are links: and
 .For pizza, I happen to love stopping in for a slice at Fellini's on Wickenden--good NY style.

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            I will heartily second the Back Eddy. Great food, casual atmosphere, and service. And the sunsets -- spectacular!