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May 27, 2007 02:58 PM

Copper River Salmon in Dallas?

Anyone know of some places serving great cover river salmon?

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  1. You can usually find Copper River salmon in a wide range of restaurants from Oceanaire to Rock Fish. It's also available in a variety of fish markets, TJ's Central Market, Whole Foods. Also saw it last week at Sea Breeze Seafood Market & Grill, new place in Lakeside Market in Plano.

    1. Shinsei had a Copper River salmon special when we were there a couple of nights ago. They had both a chef special and a sushi/sashimi special.

      1. There is a new seafood place directly across the parking lot from mignon in Plano Spring Creek & Preston. They have great copper river Salmon. They also have some of the best seafood I have had in DFW.

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          one possible suggestion: a new place in plano, called Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill. it's a fish market-restaurant combination at the corner of Spring Creek & Preston, in the Lakeside Market shopping center. they're closed on mondays but open on sundays.

          1. re: teegee

            Yep that's the place I mentioned earlier, could not remember the name. I agree, they have great seafood! The quality of their fish has been awesome, not cheap but awesome.

        2. I just read that Taste in Uptown is now serving it. Haven't been there in ages, but I'm sure you could get it there or the State and Allen Lounge.

          1. It is my understanding that The Grape will have Copper River Salmon in the next few days.