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May 27, 2007 02:49 PM

Table for 2 at Per Se

I want to visit New York City from Baltimore in the late summer/early fall and go to Per Se Restaurant with my wife. Do you have any suggestions on how to score a reservation for 2?

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  1. Call exactly 60 days before you want to dine.

    1. The reservations line opens at 10am. You need to call exactly at 10am. Program the number into your speed dial and be ready to hit it at exactly 10am. If you call even a few minutes after ten they will probably only have off times like 5pm or 10pm.

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      1. re: lucybobo

        As others have mentioned, timeliness is of the essence. It's not necessarily 60 days out, though; we called 2 months out - we had been counting on the 60 days out rule and didn't realize it was 2 months, not 60 days, and so didn't get our first choice of dates.
        Heather W

        1. re: hmp2z

          Also, check two months before the date. They leave a few tables for that site. I once got a table for two there on a Friday night. Of course, it was at 10 pm. But....

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            So I have missed the 60 day window. Is there any hope for a reservation? I am about 35 days out. I already checked opentable. Does anything ever open up, or do they have a wait list or anything like that?

      2. After my first meal at Per Se, on my way out, I asked the hostess when the best time to call for a reservation was. She replied that Saturday mornings at 10am they had the least volume. As I was driving to Maine some weeks later, I found myself on the highway on a Saturday, 10am, so I decided to give it try. I got through immediately. Of coarse, it turned out be the most expensive call I ever made - not as great as the first time, but worth it.

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          thanks, tbear, I'll give it a try! :)

        2. I scored a reso there once on a Thursday for that Saturday night at 9pm.
          My trick:
          Have a back up
          Call pretty consistently around 4pm every weekday
          Be super nice to the reservationist
          Put you name on their waiting list.