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Buying fresh NC shrimp in the Triangle - where and what price?

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I'm a native to Florida, so I'm not familiar with how much I should be paying for fresh local shrimp around these parts. Back in FL, the going-rate was around $6/pound. Needless to say, it's unreasonable to expect such around here.

How much should I be paying, and where should I be getting it? I had a craving for shrimp today, which is not very convenient considering when the non-grocery store spots usually set up shop with seafood. Paid $13.99/pound at Whole Foods...

Should I stop by Tom Robinson's?

Is that guy who used to park himself across from the Durham Farmer's Market still in business, and if so, when is he usually there?

What about the seafood person who sets up a stand in the parking lot of Mapleview Farms?

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  1. Earps Seafood on S Dawson st going towards garner from raleigh. Almost everything there is from NC and always fresh. Cheap, too.

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      I see that Earps is very near the State Farmers Market. How is the Farmers Market selection of seafood in comparison?

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        There hasn't been a fresh fish counter at the Farmers' Market for quite a while now. The fish market is prepared food only. I love their sandwiches but I swear, if they could figure out a way to deep fry cole slaw, they'd do it.

    2. Harris Teeter had them last week on special at about $5.99/lb. depending on the count and whether it was headless or head on.

      $13.99/lb. at Whole Paycheck? That's why I don't go there anymore.

      1. When the seafood market inside the farmers market closed a new one opened across Lake Wheeler. It was good and if it is still open, it probably still is. Earp's is within a mile and does a lot of business which makes me think the seafood is fresher. I'll buy sea scallops at whole foods, but for fish I go to Earps.

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          I just tried to Google it, and I can't find the name of the Seafood Grocer near the state farmers market, but yes, it is there and in business. I have always had great luck there. It is diagonally up Lake Wheeler Road on the right (if coming from the Frm Mrt with I-40 behind you). On another note, - and though this could get pricey - I used to buy seafood directly from 42nd Street Oyster Bar restaurant. You cannot beat the quality/ freshness and it is nice to know that when you are entertaining.

        2. Searched old threads and it really looks like Earps can't be beat for freshness and turnover. I work down in that area anyway (at least for the next couple of months), so this will be very convenient. Will also check out Tom Robinson's when the mood strikes.

          I don't see much mention of Capital Seafood in Durham (University Drive). Can anyone vouch for/against this place?

          1. I just paid $9.99 a pound for tiger prawns (U-15?) at Costco (I know, I know, bad for the environment). They have a fish at a decent price, but generally not a huge variety: There's usually tilapia and catfish (farmed), salmon (farmed and sometimes wild -- you get a LOT of farmed salmon for $20), occasionally wild halibut, rainbow trout (4 for $15ish?), scallops, clams, ahi tuna.

            1. Earp's is probably the best around Raleigh. The place across from the farmer's market is Capital Seafood. Like Earp's it is locally owned by a former NC State football player. They also have another location in Durham.

              I've gotten good seafood from Capital as well as Earp's.

              1. I concur with the Harris Teeter suggestion, although the shrimp they sell for $5.99/lb. is not fresh, it's frozen, and farmed (in Thailand or Vietnam) not wild caught. But they often sell fresh, wild caught NC shrimp, usually with head still on, for $7.99 to $9.99 a pound depending on size and whether it's a sale special.

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                  The shrimp on special that week at HT *was* fresh NC shrimp, not frozen farmed. That is, presuming the weekly circular was not advertising falsely. It was a wicked good price that week, possibly a loss leader. I agree, though, that their usual price is more in the $8-9 range.

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                    I see in this week's HT circular (at least for the Durham store), they are advertising "East Coast White Shrimp" for $9.99/pound (10-15 ct). They say it's an $8 sale off reg. price, but c'mon...is the price EVER going to be $17.99/pound? Not even at Whole Paycheck...

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                      For 10-15 count shrimp? Yeah, I've seen it at that price in NC. I'm from FL originally too (Tallahassee) and got the sale sized shrimp for arouns $6-7 down there.

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                      I bought some of the NC shrimp at HT last week, and it was really fresh and good, much better than their usual frozen stuff. Great price, couldn't resist.

                  2. You should certainly stop by Tom Robinson's. If you've never been there, it's definitely worth the trip. All of the fish is fresh on Thursdays, so go then if you can.

                    I bought NC shrimp there a few weeks back. They sell head-on shrimp pretty cheap. Head-off they're going to be higher than the HT sales price.

                    They have live soft-shell crabs right now. Definitely get a couple of those and cook them as soon as you get home.

                    1. Seaview Crab Company, out of Wilmington NC, is beggining to ship shrimp and other local seafood ground overnight throughout North Carolina as well as parts of Virginia and South Carolina. We pride ourselves on our freshness since we either catch the product ourselves or get it from some of the other hardworking fishermen in North Carolina. Check out www.YourPriceSeafood.com for more info.

                      21-25ct Heads-on $5.00/lb + shipping.
                      $40.00 total for 5 lbs.
                      anywhere in NC (includes Shipping and packaging)
                      31-35ct Headless 8.00/lb + Shipping.
                      $55.00 total for 5lbs
                      anywhere in NC (includes Shipping and packaging)

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                        Bought some shrimp from Capital seafood this past weekend for $8.99 lb for the large shrimp. They were very good and very fresh. I know that Whole Foods is expensive, but I have heard from several seafood representatives that they have the best and freshest seafood around. The cost is more, but you are assured of a good product. When you are talking in most cases a $3 per pound difference, it is worth it.

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                          Earp's or the Grand Asia in Cary. Both have very cheap shrimp and while Earp's is almost all NC seafood, Grand Asia has about 1/3 NC seafood. Either one would be good for shrimp, whichever one you're closer to.