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May 27, 2007 12:28 PM

Need good eats along any of the Metro stops?

i'm thinking about wasting a day on the metro (most likely red line) and hitting up a few new eateries. i've searched the topic and langer's and grand central market seem interesting, but i just wanted to see if there's anything else that's worth a trip. i'm open for any type of food that is considered a "must have" and also willing to hop on any of the other lines. i'd consider anything within a couple miles of the stop. it could be a trek, but is clifton's worth a visit or just another LA nostalgic memory. thanks!

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  1. In addition to Langer's, I would check out Chichen Itza near MacArthur Park/Westlake station. I like their cochinita pibil (Yucatecan-style roast pork). Hollywood & Western is a good station to explore Thai Town, e.g., Sanamluang, Torung, etc. Hollywood & Highland station is close to Musso & Frank for steaks, martinis, and very cool Old Hollywood atmosphere, or Skooby's stand for good chili dogs, lemonade, and tasty fries with aioli dipping sauce.

    1. We took the in-laws to Clifton's, and were all delighted by what we got, especially Pops when he paid the tab! I had the only truly good pot-roast I've ever gotten in a restaurant, and the mashed potatoes and the gravy were both completely real and very good. You do have to swim through a very gritty crowd to get there, lots of messy little shops and loud music, but inside it's a fairly calm time capsule.

      1. Hollywood/Highland -
        25 Degrees in the Roosevelt for burgers and wine.
        Beard Papa in the Hollywood/Highland center for cream puffs.
        Skooby's for hotdogs, french fries, and good lemonade at Hollywood/Cherokee

        Hollywood/Western -
        Yai - Best Thai food. I enjoy their Panang. Its at Hollywood/Wilton in the 7-11 Center.

        Sunset/Vermont -
        Zankou - Armenian Sunset/Normandie

        Santa Monica/Vermont
        El Gran Burrito - Great Pastor and Asada tacos or burritos.

        End the day at Wilshire/Western -
        Sit at the bar at Opus have a cocktail and order off their bar menu. (after 5pm)

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        1. Last week I did a red line stop to Lucky Devil's on Hollywood Blvd and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. You can sit outside and people watch and they have beer and wine available.
          Another place on Hollywood is the best happy hour nobody knows about. L'Scorpion on Hollywood has everything at half price including the best margaritas in town. Happy Hour starts at 6:00 PM
          Lastly I really like Memphis as well, also on Hollywood. Take the Red Line to Hollywood and Vine and walk west on the north side of the street for all three places. Enjoy!

          1. I realize it's not on the Red Line, but it's still Metro.

            Gold Line to Chinatown - Phillipe's is always fun for newcomers and old regulars alike.

            Highland Park has some great Mexican food, but I'm betting for variety, the Red Line has it beat.