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May 27, 2007 12:16 PM

Gritty granite

Well, the kitchen rehab is finished. We went with granite for countertops (Vyara Gold), and it looks great, but I've noticed that the counter always seems gritty, even right after cleaning (with a spray cleaner designed to be used on natural stone).

Has anyone else had this problem? The countertop was supposedly sealed before (or perhaps when) it was installed (about 6-7 weeks ago). Should we try sealing it again?

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  1. I thought I had that problem too, but it turned out that the soft tumbled travertine marble backsplash is the culprit. It sheds small white particles. It felt gritty to the touch, but because my granite is dark, I can see that the grit is white and that it is falling from the backsplash. If the granite is polished, it shouldn't be gritty regardless of whether it is sealed. If it is not highly polished, I don't know the answer. Maybe you should call your granite installer in that case.

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      Yup, think that's what I'll do, although two friends who have granite say theirs feels the same way. . .

    2. If it's polished granite I can't imagine that it would be gritty. Mine is smooth. The only time I feel anything gritty is when it's dirty which is hard to see.