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May 27, 2007 11:44 AM

Dog Friendly in LA/Pasadena Area

Looking for dog friendly places to eat in West LA or Pasadena area. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Try checking our If you navigate down to California>Los Angeles> then either Hollywood-West LA, LA Beach Area, or Pasadena-East LA, they have a list of restaurants that allow dogs along with pet-friendly hotels and attractions in that area. I have taken my dogs to the Lazy Daisy and Zabies here in Santa Monica (allowed at the outdoor tables).

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        The subject has come up before and I recall someone warning to call in advance to confirm the information as being up to date to avoid problems upon arrival.

    1. Lucky Baldwin's is OK with dogs on the patio. Twice, they've even humored me and brought my boy a plain hamburger patty as a treat.

      1. Almost every time I have stopped at Doughboy’s, or drove passed, I have noticed at least one dog at the tables out front. However, I stopped their last Friday for a bite of scrapple with dirtied eggs (and that great corn muffin) and while I was eating, two dogs began barking at each other. In the nick-of-time the owners pulled them away from each other just as they were about to have a bite themselves. I love my dog also but my fear is that too many people really do not spend the time with their dogs to properly train them but only wish to use them in public to attract someone and begin a discussion which may not be safe for the dogs. So I left my best friend home this time, had a greaqt breakfast and brought the small Hummingbird cake home to enjoy it with my dog nearby. If you go to Doughboy’s, and whether you bring your dog or not, you really must try the Hummingbird. As for the scrapple, well, it is really an east coast thing but Doughboy’s does pretty good and it may be enough food for two.....people.

        8136 W Third St
        Los Angeles, CA
        (323) 651-4202

        1. Sierra Madre is very dog-friendly (lots of doggy water fountains, a dog-park off of S.M. Blvd and every restaurant in town has a patio). From the list below I would suggest Cafe 322, Corfu, Lozano or Nano.

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            I actually live in Sierra Madre and it is a very dog friendly town. owever, I have only seen dogs at the outside tables at The Only Place in Town, Lucky Baldwins, the coffee places BeanTown and Starbucks, Village Pizza and Sierra Madre Pizza. Both Cafe 322 and Nano's patios are sort of enclosed, and I have eaten at Corfu alot and never seen a dog at any of the outside tables. Call first.

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              I live there too (hi neighbor!) and we take the mutt to Corfu a lot. They bring him a cup of ice to munch on. Nano's patio is probably the least dog friendly of the bunch but if you sit by the back gate he can hang out pretty close by.

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                Hey thanks Sierra Madre folks. I have relatives there as well. Nano's looks a little dicey to me. I appreciate the info. I only knew about a few places in that area.

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                  Nano's is actually Pasadena, across the street from SM. The food is ok, the building is old, converted, and looks a little sketchy, but they have great crispy hash browns at breakfast and do perfect egss over easy (no runny whites)!

          2. BISTRO DE LA GARE is one of the dog friendliest for dinner i've experienced. don't love the food, though.