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May 27, 2007 11:32 AM

Ground turkey usage

What do you do with ground turkey?

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  1. Turkey burgers, sloppy joes, chili.

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    1. re: nyfoodjoe

      Tacos, too. As someone noted, i use it anywhere one would normally use ground beef. With the exception of meatloaf simply because regardless of how much fat I try to add, I don't find that I like the texture of the finished product: a purely personal thing.

      My favorite is sloppy joes, with onions, garlic, cayenne and tomato.

    2. I like Giada's turkey meatballs -- they don't try to be pork/beef meatballs, and they're really good. I've also had a lot of success making Paul Prudhomme's meatloaf using ground turkey. I subbed in bbq sauce for the ketchup, and it was wetter (and spread a little more) than a regular meatloaf, but it was delicious. Even better the next day as sandwiches.

      1. In considering posters replies, you should realize that ground turkey can be just that- ground up trukey including dark meat, fat, etc -OR - it can be all white meat super lean. The former can be treated like ground beef or pork fairly eaily, but the latter needs help in the stick together/moisture department

        1. I've been using lean ground turkey (white meat), with a little lean ground beef (2:1 ratio) to make healthier burgers. I add a liquid (broth, soy sauce, wine), sometimes some garlic, feta, or whatever sound good. Tastes great as a lighter healthier burger - my kids even love them!

          1. I use ground turkey instead of ground beef in any recipe I want to make that calls for ground beef. I don't think that the ground turkey I buy is the super-lean variety.