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May 27, 2007 11:28 AM

Suggestions please for unique,local dessert

I am interested in suggestions to serve at a house tour. There are seven other homes on the tour which are serving different "treats" for example, one home is serving Sprinkles cupcakes, another 21 Choices, sugar cookies at another. The attendance expected is 400 and the food should be portable and easy to serve, not messy. Any ideas for something unique to the Los Angeles area? Is there a special bakery treat such as the Sprinkle cupcake which is trendy and topical? Ok, basically I want to compete with a dessert that has a "buzz" about it. Non alcoholic but can be a beverage. Sounds like mission impossible but I trust the chowhounders to help. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Not sure if this is something you'd be interested in, but I did have a green tea chiffon cake at Paris Baguette and thought it was different, yummy and light. (Outside has white icing, but inside is green colored cake)

    Paris Baguette is in Ktown, on Western and Beverly, I believe.

    Good luck!

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      It's on Western at 1st Street, just south of Beverly.

      I have to agree, the green tea cake here is divine! I dream of it often.

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        I never heard of that kind of cake. It sounds like it would look very pretty.

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          I don't know what the cake looks like or what it includes, but green tea cake is somewhat common amongst the Japanese and other Asian bakeries and patisseries. Whirl around the bake places in the South Bay or SGV, and you'll see it alot. My favorite is at Chantilly - it's presented as a roll, with a cream filling that has some red beans (azuki) folded into it, and a dusting of maccha and and a few more red beans for garnish. The one caviat I would give is the cakes from the Asian perspective don't scream flavor, but rather offer nuances of it.

          1. re: bulavinaka

            I also highly reommend Chantilly even if you don't go for green tea cake, there are so many other "beautiful" (and quite pretty) choices offered. I recommend visiting too!

            1. re: miffy

              I didn't want to sound like a broken record in always giving them a rec - thanks for chiming in for me!

      2. Hmm, not unique to L.A., but Beard Papa Cream Puffs always go over well, and have some novelty value.

        1. There are some amazing strawberry-whipped cream white cakes that I've had from some bakery in the Valley - I got the impression they're a kind of local and maybe ethnic specialty of some sort?

          You could also find some Mexican tres leches cakes.

          Or you could always contact Frances Kuyper's cake museum in Pasadena and ask.

          1. How about setting up your own Diddy Reise operation? You could go to Westwood - buy enough cookies from them - and then serve it with ice cream at your house.

            Only other desserts unique to LA that come to mind are various organic things around town like the cakes you can get from Ghalia. But not sure your guests will really be happy about that.

            One other suggestion - you can't go wrong with Pizookie from BJ's Brewhouse. Have yet to meet anyone who does not like Pizookie. Not an LA original, though the first BJ's was in Santa Ana.

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            1. re: dbuckho

              Thanks so much and I am making list up now of sites I need to go to this coming week. I am beginning to think I may be able to pull this off this year since in the past my offerings were the most lackluster and I am getting desperate for some kudos. Please,please keep brainstorming and I will continue to be ever so grateful. Criteria is easy treats one can carry without much fuss.

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                Well, I don't know what part of Los Angeles you are referring to but in Pasadena there is a little Russian/Armenian bakery on Washington called House of Cookies. Besides having well priced and delicious cookies, they do all kinds of miniature cream puffs, napoleons and eclairs that are less than $1/each. They use real whipped cream,etc.

                1. re: foodseek

                  If it's kind of DIY, I will put in a rec for Rose Market's rose ice cream with pistachios (try the orange one too - you can buy by the scoop or big tub) - and also buy some rose preserves there to heat slightly and use as a sauce... wonderful. I like them in little sandwiches made with round Italian wafer cookies (that look like they're made of cake cone material but taste better).

              2. Pan dulce from East Los Angeles, e.g., El Gallo, La Fama, etc.