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May 27, 2007 10:50 AM

Is cheesecloth reusable?

I strain yogurt fairly often, and find myself going through a lot of cheesecloth. I just throw it away. Is it reusable? OR is there something else I could use to strain yogurt that I wouldn't feel so bad about tossing? Maybe unbleached coffee filters?

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  1. it's absolutely reusable...just rinse very well with HOT water, and dry.

    you might also want to consider buying a washable/reusable yogurt strainer. they're incredibly handy gadgets, and pretty cheap. specialty cookware stores and even some places like bed bath & beyond occasionally carry small, cone-shaped ones (really just a super-fine mesh strainer sewn into a funnel].

    and then there's the granddaddy of them all...

    the cuisipro donvier white wave. i have 2 of them, and they're ideal. once the yogurt is drained, you can store it in the base/container. plus, they come with tight-fitting lids to keep it covered while it's draining, so you don't have to worry about your yogurt picking up any funk from other items in the fridge [last night's leftover salmon-scented yogurt, anyone?] my only complaint is that they take up a lot of fridge space for such a small amount of yogurt [one cup].

    amazon has the best price on them...

    1. I use old, well-washed linen towels. I make a fresh, soft cheese and yoghurt and strain both through the linen towels. Rinse well and toss them in the washer when I'm finished. It has worked well for many years.

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        I would do what Sherri suggested if you are looking to re-use something. I would feel funny about "rinsing out" cheesecloth and reusing it, especially if there were food particles still left behind in the tiny opening of cheesecloth

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          It depends what I have used it for. If it is the gauzy stuff that I use to help rolled stuffed meats keep its shape while browning and braising I throw it away. For something strained I put in a mesh bag and throw it in the washing machine. Do not use fabric softeners in that load. You don't want it to pick up that scent.

      2. Any thoughts on just going into a fabric store and picking up a few yards of something? Frankly, I know roughly absolute zero about what goes on in fabric stores. But the price of cheesecloth in the tiny packets at the grocery store seems way beyond insane. Is there something equivalent I could get in bulk for less? Would I have to worry about sizing or other chemical stuff added to the fabric?

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          You can buy muslin at a fabric store, it will be a little denser in weight than regular cheese cloth. Wash hit to get any sizing out before using

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            You can buy cheesecloth at fabric stores. It's often kept behind the counter.

          2. It's definitey reusable. However, when I can't find my cheesecloth, I use heavy Viva paper towels doubled up. I can then throw the paper towelsaway when I'm done.

            1. I use my cheesecloth mostly to strain yogurt, too. I just throw it in the washer with kitchen & bath towels, although I don't use liquid fabric softener (you wouldn't want your yogurt to be April fresh).