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May 27, 2007 09:14 AM

High River Fast Food

Lots of people have been talking about food in Calgary. If you are looking for a nice scenic drive I would recommend High River for Fast Food/Soup.
The Hichin Post is a great little burger stand (A LOT better than Peter's), they use REAL stawberries in their stawberry milkshake and the burgers are made fresh by "Wimpy" the owner every day. If you are headed out on a Saturday go early as they get so busy they often run out of food.

For great soup sandwiches and homemade ice cream try "Memory Lane" It has a cute 50's diner feel and the ice cream is made fresh on site. Make sure to try the beef stew and the High River specialty "Medicine Tree" ice cream.

I wouldn't advise doing supper in High River though.

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  1. great post, thank you veery much. we are always looking for outing ideas, and as the best ones involve food, this is perfect!

    1. I had a banana split at Memory Lane, with Medicine Tree and vanilla (I think?) ice cream. It was good, but not memorable. What I do remember, however, is the macaroni and cheese--a bowl of tangy, real-cheese elbow macaroni with a crunchy top (not the thick Velveeta sauce stuff--unfortunately, if you prefer that kind of mac 'n' cheese). Plus, the 50's diner-ly atmosphere is very cute and makes the whole experience a lot of fun.

      Thanks for reminding me about this café!