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May 27, 2007 08:46 AM

Sensors detect excellent carne asada burrito

Hawthorne CA
Turn west heading south on Hawthorne Blvd.

Basically the place is a taco table on steroids, with a cache of various caldos de res, chilaquiles in the morn along with a few other breakfasts, and finally a couple of combo plates with chile rellenos, tacos or enchiladas (around $6, hefty servings). And finally, the burritos.

I had a $4 carne asada burrito with crema plus optional rice, beans and salsa...powerful stuff, easily the best I've had in years. Their extensive condiment bar held two salsas plus some quacamole, and a spicy light green sauce that was proably super-diced serranos or something. Great but fairly spicy. Also mounds of spicy carrots are on tap along with a green salad, apparently free for the taking. A must stop on your carne asada burrito tour, they're open early but I doubt they close very late. Of course if asada is not your craving they have pollo, carnitas, buche and a coupla others.

Oh, and you have to request the crema (and I recommend doing so). They may also add lettuce if your ask for everything (I say drop the lettuce) so have them specify during construction...and enjoy, I'm sure you will.

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