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May 27, 2007 07:47 AM

Absolute best Crabcake in Boston?


I haven't found any recents reviews on this, so I pose this question to all of you. I want to know where the absolute best Crabcake is in Boston. NO fillers (at least minimal)- just pure crabmeat. I'm a bit spoiled after living in the DC area most of my life, but now that I moved here, I need my crabcake goodness. Any recommendations? I'd prefer someplace right in Boston or nearby. I'll be willing to drive though! I don't care what kind of establishment it is either. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry I'm referring you outside of metro Boston, but I can't resist. The best crabcake I ever had was on Nantucket at The ClubCar. The bartender has been there for 10 years and told me their secret. They use NO bread crumbs at all. The lump crab meat is bound together by an egg white and shrimp puree. I'm not sure about what spices/herbs they add, but they're minimal. Too many times crabcakes are saturated with mayonnaise and/or overwhelmed with bread crumbs. I enjoyed the crabcakes at The ClubCar so much that after having them for lunch, I went back and ordered them for dinner. Enjoy.

    1. Crabcakes? Boston? I understand the urge but this is a bit like looking for lobster rolls in Baltimore (Faidley's crabcakes, OMG... Clambox fried clams are the local equivalent in my opinion). I focus on oysters, fried and steamed clams, and lobster, here (scallops are also really good here but they seem so boring in some way)-- crabcakes are a good reason to travel. I'd be interested in knowing if there is anything good, crabcake-wise, but I haven't stumbled upon anything (I saw McCormick and Smick's has them on the menu but I can't say if they're good).

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        Try scallop sashimi some time for a relevatory experience. Instead of the white, tough, chewy, cooked version, you get a translucent round with a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture and sweet flavor. It is the equivalent of comparing fried oysters (plump, juicy, sweet) to raw (briney with a completely different mouth feel).

        Toraya in Arlington frequently has it on the specials menu.

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          I had the one's at McCormick and Smick's on Friday and it is pretty much all crab and well seasoned. I am sort of new to crab cakes but was with some aficionados who loved them. The ones at Scollay Square are amazing. And while I'm on it, I am addicted to their filet mignon sandwich. And their mac 'n' cheese with lobster is pretty good too.

        2. Abe & Louie's has really good ones. I think I had a good one at Capitol Grill before but that was way before the fairly recent A&L experiences.

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            I tried the crabcake at Abe & Louie's after reading about it on this board and was disappointed because of too much mayo.

          2. Few weeks ago I had lunch at Sel de Terre and the waitress (from Baltimore) recommended the crabcake salad. Practically no filler (save for some scallion I think) nicely browned and large chunks of crab. I'm pretty sure these crab cakes make some sort of appearance on the dinner menu as well.

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              Great, thank you! I do notice there is a crabcake appetizer on the dinner menu. It's worth a try, and I've been meaning to eat there regardless of my crabcake craving!

            2. I thought the crabcake at Legal was pretty good, but it has been a while since I've been

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                Agreed. I'm a crab fanatic and Legal's version is quite good - little to no breading, with lumps of crabmeat.

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                  Hate to admit it, but Dax and kobuta are right. Legal's has a very good, overpriced crabcake. No filler, just crab. They're about the only thing I order when I'm forced to go to Legal's.