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May 27, 2007 07:07 AM

Seattle Happy Hours

I will be in town in a few weeks and am looking for a happy hour with great appetizers. Am a wine drinker so half-priced cocktails do not need to be the draw.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. While passing through on the ferry back to Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas, I had the opportunity to stop by Ivar's for their happy hour. Apetizers and light entrees off the bar menu were very reasonable and tasty. Since I commute on a regular basis, this will likely become a regular part of my routine.

      1. I'm a big fan of Union's happy hour. Half price bar menu of small plates. 1st and Union.

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          1. re: JacknSea

            More so later in the week, Th-Fri. The bar area definitely isn't good for large parties so you don't get nearly the after work crowd as other places. I've had to stand or wait for a seat but not often.

        1. Brasa at... 3rd & Lenora-ish has an extensive bar menu that's 1/2 price at happy hour. Steak and frites, lamb burgers, swanky pizzas, mussels and clams, etc. That said, their wine is quite expensive. I mean, I get expensive happy hour wine but I'm still generally surprised.

          1. Has anyone tried Wann for their happy hour? Looks pretty good. Been meaning to go (and will next week).

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            1. re: eternalX

              I went to Wann for happy hour last week. $2.50 pints are a real bargain. Many of the food items are the same portion as reg menu, but much cheaper during happy hour. Finally tried korobuta sausage, which was okay, but the accompanying mustard was far too mild.

              1. re: JacknSea

                Went last night and just had a few items. The space is gorgeous, but a little quiet and I was so sad to see so many fried items on the menu. That's sort of the same problem I have with Wasabi. I was hoping to see more grilled items...or fresh items. I know sushi is fresh and it was good, but I guess I was just expecting something a little more. I might return for one of the rice bowls one day, but don't see myself going back often.