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May 27, 2007 06:30 AM

BEST sushi in Toronto?

Hello! Can anyone make some suggestions for the best sushi in Toronto? And why do you think it is the best? Thanks! :)

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  1. i am going to guess that the responses are going to lean towards the absolute 'best' being Kaji sushi.

    Toshi sushi for me is the 'best' 'cheaper' sushi--note how each of those words was separately quoted...for the price its the best option for me. Japango is excellent and I have rarely had anything but outstanding things to say about Omi sushi.

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    1. re: diesta

      we love aishi sai on the danforth. fresh, reasonably priced and always deelish. Plus the chef is very nice.

      1. re: millygirl

        Call me absolutely crazy...but the best sushi / japanese I have had (with the exception of Kaji) is a place in Woodbridge called Koganei. This place is the real deal. Yes thats right...the best sushi in the GTA could very well be in Woodbridge!

    2. you really should do a search, since this topic has been covered ad nauseum.

      The consensus are.....

      1. Kaji
      2. Hiro
      3. Japango
      4. Solo Sushi Ya
      5. Omi

      Hashimoto can be #1 also, alas you can't order strictly sushi since it's kaiseki.

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      1. re: aser

        sorry, i'm new here. thanks for the summary.

        1. re: chiagurl

          There are only chef tasting set menu (omakase - cooked and raw food) at Kaji and Hashimoto. And Hashimoto serves kaiseki which is mainly not sushi, so may not be something for you. These two are the most expensive in GTA area.

          Are you strictly looking for sushi in downtown toronto ?
          If not, besides the expensive Kaji, Hashimoto which are at the west end, there are others not as expensive but great choices like Zen at Scarborough and Kumai at Mississauga. Sushi/Sashimi only omakase at Zen is great with items like Geoduck. There are also blue fin tuna belly at Kumai.

          1. re: skylineR33

            A bit pricey but I use to eat a lot of Nami sushi on the company's tab.

        2. re: aser

          Hello Aser! Really surprised to see you miss out Zen!!! Ha!

          I'm also skeptical about Omi quality and consistency.

          One thing I've learned talking to some of the sushi chef/owner like Kaji san of Sushi Kaji or Gao san of Solo-sushi Ya is that when a certain rare delicacies like good quality 'Blue fin tuna/toro' is becoming available in Toronto, the 'Japanese' clan/chef will consolidate their purchasing power to buy a big quantity and then split it amongst themselves! These usually include owners of Zen, Hiro, Kaji, Michi, Solo Sushi Ya, Aoyama and Taro Fish. A Korean like John Lee of Omi will be excluded and as such, it is usually pretty hard to find great and rare quality products like the above captioned item in places like Omi or other 'non-Japanese' own and run establishments!

        3. Sushi Dragon on Dixon is the best sushi that I have had in Toronto. Always fresh, the rice is always perfect and the specialty rolls are to die for. You find tiny slivers of fish but rather good size thick pieces of fish.

          Try it once and you'll keep going back!