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May 27, 2007 05:32 AM

Special wedding morning breakfast

I will be visiting manhattan next week with my fiance to get married at city hall. Our two best friends are going to be there with us for the weekend and we will be going to the River St. Cafe for dinner on the day. What I am looking for is a place to have a special breakfast with my maid of honour the morning of. It can be fancy or hole in the wall delicious. I am just looking for a really great new york experience to share with my best friend the day I get married.

We will be staying in midtown so I was hoping to find a good place close by because we will have to get back to the hotel to get ready before lunch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The first thing that came to mind, before I saw your second paragraph, was Balthazar in SoHo. However, that doesn't really make sense unless you got ready first and then headed downtown, which you may not want to do. Another place, at 59th between Fifth and Madison, is Bottega del Vino, which opens at 8 am during the week, 9 on Saturdays (though I'm guessing you're getting married on Friday? Getting your license on Thursday?) and, along with its sister place, Via Quadronno, has some of the best espresso/cappuccino in the city, and nice pastries/breakfast paninis. If the weather is nice, you could walk in Central Park (get out any last minute jitters ...) then go to VQ - at 73rd between Fifth and Madison, then walk or catch a cab back down to your hotel to get ready. It opens at 9:30 on Saturdays, 8:30 on weekdays.

    Sarabeth's might be another option - on Central Park South.


    1. Town, an upscale restaurant, on 56th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., serves breakfast. I've had only brunch and dinner there, both delicious, so I presume breakfast would be excellent. The subterranean dining room, a soaring space, is drop dead gorgeous!

      Btw, I think you meant the River Cafe (in Brookyn) for you wedding dinner?

      Best wishes to you and your fiance on your impending marriage.

      1. Everybody raves about Normas at Le Parker Meridien Hotel and I must admit their menu looks delicious and creative. I'll be that would be perfect for the occasion.

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          Absolutely recommend Norma's...Think that would be the perfect place for a special and delicious brunch...