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outdoor bars or restaurants w/outdoor seating for drinking?

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any suggestions for outdoor wine bars (or wine bars w/outdoor seating) w/chill atmosphere & good wine by the glass AND by the bottle? alternatively, restaurants w/same (where there's no pressure to also buy food, but if you so elect, the food is good & not too expensive).

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  1. I'm not a big fan, from my one visit to Donna da Vine. but others seem to like it.

    and it's exactly what you're asking for -- glass, bottle, outdoor patio, etc.

    sample has a small patio out back and also allow for glass and bottle purchase.

    1. On Smith St, Robin des Bois has bottles of wine, a cute garden out back and there's no pressure to buy food if you go later in the evening. They have some decent bottles. Out in Red Hook, Tini has a rickety table out front and about 10 different wines by the glass or bottle.

      1. donna da vine is ok

        1. On the coney is boardwalk near ocean parkway are some Russian outdoor restaurants. I don't think they will mind if you order mostly drinks, people sit down and order soup.

          There is a bar on the boardwalk, I forget the exact location and cannot swear it is still open. I don't remember it being up scale.