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May 27, 2007 05:14 AM

outdoor bars or restaurants w/outdoor seating for drinking?

any suggestions for outdoor wine bars (or wine bars w/outdoor seating) w/chill atmosphere & good wine by the glass AND by the bottle? alternatively, restaurants w/same (where there's no pressure to also buy food, but if you so elect, the food is good & not too expensive).

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  1. I'm not a big fan, from my one visit to Donna da Vine. but others seem to like it.

    and it's exactly what you're asking for -- glass, bottle, outdoor patio, etc.

    sample has a small patio out back and also allow for glass and bottle purchase.

    1. On Smith St, Robin des Bois has bottles of wine, a cute garden out back and there's no pressure to buy food if you go later in the evening. They have some decent bottles. Out in Red Hook, Tini has a rickety table out front and about 10 different wines by the glass or bottle.

        1. On the coney is boardwalk near ocean parkway are some Russian outdoor restaurants. I don't think they will mind if you order mostly drinks, people sit down and order soup.

          There is a bar on the boardwalk, I forget the exact location and cannot swear it is still open. I don't remember it being up scale.